Porto 3 – 1 Bayern Munich Match Report, Highlights – UCL Quarterfinal

After long time, Porto is getting back their position in various fixtures. They have been unbeaten in last few matches and the same thing remains in one of UCL quarterfinal fixtures, which has been played between Porto and Bayern Munich. Being the deadliest participant of this season in UCL, Bayern Munich has failed to avoid defeat against a team like Porto with 3-1.

Porto vs Bayern Munich Match Review and Highlights

Porto 3 – 1 Bayern Munich Match Report, Highlights

Although Bayern Munich has started the match with their best eleven, yet they could not block Porto to score two goals in the first half. Although, Bayern came back after a little time, but, by then, Porto scored two goals. Quaresma, who scored the first goal in a penalty, which was made due to Manuel Neuer’s wrong tackle, scored the second fantastic goal just after 7 minutes.

That means, within 10 minuets Porto scored two most important goals against a team like Bayern Munich. Although, Thiago Alcantara scored one goal, yet, Bayern failed to score the equalizer goal in the first half. Some of the Bayern players such as Boateng, Philipp Lahm, Muller, Gotze etc. and Quaresma, Sandro on the Porto side have played well in the first half.

But the aggressive playing and rude tackle yielded some yellow cards and the holders are Manuel Neuer, Juan Bernat, Casemiro, Alex Sandro and Philipp Lahm. Out of those cards, the Manuel Neuer’s card was the most deleterious card for Bayern Munich.

Porto Finished the Game at 65th Minute

Although, the first 15 minutes was playing in both sides of the field, yet the scenario got a change after 15 minutes and as a result, Porto’s player Jackson Martínez scored the third goal in this match by a sensational pass from Alex Sandro. Sandro and Brahimi combination smashed down Bayern Munich at Dragao.

After so many consecutive wins, finally Bayern Munich has lost a match at an away ground in leg-1 of UCL quarter final. Certainly, the world cup players have played their best and they failed to crack the defence of Porto. At the same time, Neves-Rode combination did well but result remains same. Throughout the entire match, Porto have played comfortably. They faced difficulties but those seemed nothing for them in this particular match.


Yellow Card: Danilo, Sebastian Rode, Philipp Lahm, Alex Sandro, Casemiro, Juan Bernat and Manuel Neuer

Red Card: None


Mario Gotze -> Sebastian Rode

Xabi Alonso -> Holger Badstuber

Oliver Torres -> Rúben Neves

Yacine Brahimi -> Hernâni

Quaresma -> Evandro

Final Score

Porto 3 – 1 Bayern Munich