Post Madrid Derby Interview with Ancelotti, Chicharito and Isco

Coming from Manchester United on loan, Javier Hernandez for the first time delivered Real Madrid something to count on! The Mexican striker scored the decider against Atletico Madrid, and forwarded Real Madrid to the semi final of the Champions League. Today, let us accumulate what the team said about the encounter.

Carlo Ancelotti post match interview

When Javier Hernandez was asked to comment on his important successor the Madrid Derby hero said –

“Every goal I’ve scored during my career has been important; they all fill me with confidence. This was a collective effort, it was a great assist by Cristiano and we all covered a lot of ground and battled hard. We deserved to win”.

Carlo Ancelotti was also indeed much tensed before the match. Though standing in front of the microphone after the match the body language displayed confidence only.

“It was a key game in our season. Atlético are always a strong team but we did well. The first leg gave us the confidence that we could control this match and score. We have kept our dream of playing another final alive. We are going to try to win everything. When we are firing, we are very dangerous. Every match is an exam for us. We passed this one well.”

Real Madrid manager also acknowledged Chicharito’s performance saying

“’Chicharito’ [Javier Hernández] played very well. He has had a difficult season and deserves this goal.”

Ancelotti had not given a lot of chances to him, which in-fact was obvious, with Real’s B-B-C in-front. But when given a chance and had to depend on him, Ferguson’s favourite substitution Chicharito has made it count.

“He told me a few days ago that I’d be playing, that I needed to be ready, be focused and do the same as I had been in my previous games”.

While giving thanks to the fans Javier Hernandez mentioned

“It is a derby and things hadn’t been going well for us since la Décima. This win was the work of the whole team, the fans, my team-mates, my family and everyone who has showed faith in me”.

Fans were the first key of believe last night, according to Ancelotti –

“The atmosphere was fantastic tonight and it helped us a lot. We are going to see the same atmosphere in the semi-final.”

Javier was also asked about the recipe on getting over the Atletico block in Champions League, in which he could only say; the hard work has no substitution. His words delivered a lot of backdoor work

“Atlético are a very worthy rival. They won La Liga last year and were Champions League finalists. We were deserved winners today. In order to win the Champions League you have to beat the best teams”.

Now another key midfielder of Real Madrid Isco had a different view about the game. Isco was caught mentioning

“We were playing an important part of the season and thankfully things went well, we triumphed and we are delighted. We were superior both here and in their stadium. We didn’t let our heads drop, we kept pushing and we got our reward in the end. The fans cheered us on from the beginning and we gave them something to celebrate right at the death”.

In defence Ancelotti launched Ramos in a new position and the result was of course satisfactory, the Varane-Pepe-Ramos trio outperformed the opposition easily. Ancelotti later said that

“I had the idea [of playing Sergio Ramos in midfield] to make us more comfortable at free-kicks. Ramos has the quality to play in that position. He sacrifices himself for the team and played the position very well.”

Isco also congratulated the Spaniard

“It was a surprise but great players are able to adapt to every position. He played a great game”.

On answering his not that good performance last night Isco quoted

“I struggled a little but that’s to be expected after playing every game over the last few months. Real Madrid are very strong, there is a lot of competition for places and that makes us all better players”.

Anceloti Concluded with a blow of confidence having answering the issues of Semifinal opponents and Benzema’s and Bale’s injury

“Real Madrid can compete with any other semi-finalist, no problem. We respect all three semi-finalists. They all deserve to be there. Let’s see what happens in the draw. We will have time for injured players to recover and things are going to get better. Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema will have recovered soon but I cannot say when.”