PSG vs Chelsea Match Preview: UEFA Champions League

UCL aka UEFA Champions League’s Round of 16 is about to start and the first match is going to take place at Parc des Princes when PSG will host Chelsea for the first leg of Round of 16. Both of the teams are on fire right now and this is going to the biggest match on day 1 of Round of 16. Although, the clash between PSG and Chelsea always end up with a draw but each of them has won once since 2014. However, in 2015-16, Chelsea have become an average team in Premier League. On the other hand, PSG are leading the French Ligue 1. Now, check out the match preview of PSG vs Chelsea for UEFA Champions League.

PSG vs Chelsea Match Preview: UEFA Champions League

PSG vs Chelsea Match Preview - PSG vs Chelsea live stream - UEFA Champions League

As mentioned before, both of the teams are on fire, they have got some big wins in this season. Although, the number of wins is very low as compared to PSG, but the current form of Chelsea is near to perfect before the Champions League clash.

Current Form of PSG

Di Maria and Cavani PSG

As always, PSG is playing brilliantly and there is no doubt that they will be the winner of domestic league. However, they are about to encounter with the “Pride of London”. The current form of PSG is absolutely awesome. Although, they have drawn against Lille, but they won over Lyon, Marseille, Lorient, ASSE etc. It doesn’t matter whether it is home match or away match, but their goal machines do not forget to score goals. As a result, they have been winning like 3-0, 2-1, 3-1 and so on. Although, Cavani is a great attacker, but he failed against Lille. However, some other players like Trapp, David Luiz, Stambouli, Matuidi etc. played really well. Above all, two Argentine players aka Pastore and Di Maria were awesome. Their defense lineup is pretty strong and that is a plus point.

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Expected Starting Lineup of PSG

Van der Wiel, Marquinhos, Luiz, Kurzawa; Pastore, Stambouli, Matuidi; Augustin, Di Maria, Cavani.

Current Form of Chelsea

Chelsea players against Newcastle united

After sacking Jose Mourinho, Chelsea are playing quite good under Guss Hiddink. Chelsea finished the groups stage holding the top position with 13 points. However, after that, they are playing lot less than good. Their goalkeeper is a strength as Courtois is playing brilliantly. Although, he has been conceding goals in every match, but behind every win, there are always some awesome saves of this stopper. For example, there was some awesome saves against Manchester United, Watford and Arsenal, which they won with a one goal lead. In the last match, they played really well as it ended up with 5-1 scoreline, which is a boost of confidence for them. The defense lineup of Chelsea was a strength for them in that match as Terry, Ivanovic, Cahill etc. were brilliant. Almost all the players were awesome behind that scoreline. This is needless to mention that Pedro was awesome. Another good news is Hazard is getting back to his previous position, which will certainly make the team stronger.



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Expected Starting Lineup of Chelsea

Courtois; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; Fabregas, Matic; Pedro, Willian, Hazard; Costa.

PSG vs Chelsea Head to Head

In the last two years, this is the sixth time when PSG are about to play against Chelsea. Among those last five matches, PSG hosted three of them, which they didn’t lose. On the other hand, Chelsea hosted PSG twice and they won one of them and drew the other one.

DateTeamTeamFinal Score

PSG vs Chelsea Match Prediction

Although, both of them are playing pretty good and this is very difficult to predict the score, but it seems PSG have the advantage. Considering their previous performance against Chelsea, it seems they will get the win.

PSG 1 – 0 Chelsea

Or, it can also be a 1-1 draw.