The “most valuable player in Europe”, Raheem Sterling has refused go to the preseason training of Liverpool for being sick. AND the funny thing is almost 99% people think that he is doing such a thing that can only damage his reputation for a long time. His risks do not make any sense and hence, his current club may fall into trouble as well.

Raheem Sterling has called in sick for training and NO ONE believes him

A lot of transfer rumours are flying around this English international. Last week, Manchester City made a bid worth £45 million, which was rejected by Sterling in order to get more. Liverpool is going to play in Australia as well as in East Asia and just before that, some arguments have started at Anfield. According to some sources, he has shown his ignorance to Rodgers and rejected not to join Liverpool team again for the Australia tour.

Although, he blamed his illness for the absence, yet, Branden Brendan Rodgers has already warned this man for his immature behavior. When, the Manchester City deal has not completed yet, Sterling should not do anything that leads Liverpool not to offer any other deal for another season. Another English international, Jamie Carragher has said,

Reports today suggest Raheem Sterling has told Brendan Rodgers he doesn’t want to go away on the pre-season tour. This at times comes from the club who are chasing the player, in this case Man City, who ask a player to try and force the move after having two bids that were unsuccessful. All clubs at times have asked a player to push a move through but even so it’s still a story that doesn’t reflect well on Raheem.

He’s starting to get a reputation that could be hard to rid himself of in the future, are Man City fans looking at the situation and thinking this could be us in a few years? I think this situation will only make Liverpool more determined to get the fee they feel Raheem is worth rather than caving in to Raheem’s & Man City’s wishes.

Many other controversies were there in the club at the end of Premier League 2014/15 season for the coach’s role. And now, another problem is coming out due to Sterling.

What happens if Manchester City will not make any bid for this English international? Will Liverpool offer another deal for this man? Will he get his price?