Richie Moran Claims, Graham Taylor Denies Being Told: Do not Pick ‘too many’ Black Players

A devastating revelation!!! Graham Taylor the former England manager was instructed by the officials from the Football Assocaition not to include too many ‘black players’ for the England National team, Richie Moran claims.

Graham Taylor

Richie Moran Claims

The truth is revealed by Richie Moran the former footballer and anti-racism campaigner. He played for Birmingham City in the 1990s. He himself suffered the abuses and mental torture for being black and had to quit football. At the time he quit he revealed:

“I was racially abused by some of the biggest names in the game. A lot of it is put down to dressing room banter, stupidity, or footballers being working class, but these are all excuses.”

the whole controversy dug up once again after the Emy Onuora’s new book, Pitch Black. In this book the ugly side of football has been unveiled again. According to Richie Moran:

“Graham Taylor came up to me and said: ‘Look, I’m going to tell you something … I’m never going to admit it, I will be sued for libel.’ He said: ‘When I was manager of England I was called in by two members of the FA, who I won’t name…’ I volunteered two names. He said: ‘I’m not prepared to say, but I was told in no uncertain terms not to pick too many black players for the national side.’”

Graham Taylor’s Justification:

Graham Taylor denies the accusation. He says he could not remember the exact conversation as it is quite an old incident, to a leading daily.

“I have no memory of that conversation.”

he further justifies himself saying though such was the condition of football at one point he did not follow that rule and had always encouraged the talents irrespective of its race or other issues.

“That is not me trying to evade it – and it also doesn’t mean I didn’t say it – but if anyone looks at my record with club and country it would be obvious to everyone anyway that I didn’t follow what was apparently said”

He is irritated that somehow his name has been linked with such an issue with which he had no connection at all. He had been a fair manager and he had only one goal to make a strong team. Such issues are just irrational.

“My record as regards the selection of black players at international and at club level is there for people to see. To have my name linked with that kind of thing is completely wrong.”

Wrap up:

Though football is the most beautiful and spirited game of all this could not remain spotless. The racial issue was quite a big question on the game that has been raised a number of times. And it is more important than just pointing a finger on some or the other.

How many ‘Richie Morans’ have to give up their talent to rescue their identity?

Indeed it is a black mark on this beautiful game!