Rihanna and Karim Benzema: Love Saga

Football is colourful but life of a footballer outside football is even more colourful!!!! Any doubt?  And if the colourful life gets a hue of ‘celebrity struck affair’ it just adds to the curiosity. Many of you already know that Rihanna hooked up with soccer star Karim Benzema last year. Well the twist of the tale is they are still going strong!!

Rihanna and Karim Benzema: Love Saga


Rihanna and Karim Benzema history

The story is a year old. And it started with Rihanna’s love for football and when she got along with Karim Benzema last year in 2014 world cup. Then through tweeter their connection got strong. Rihanna and Karim Benzema first seen together for an early breakfast date in New York City on 2nd June. This was enough to figure out some blaze if not fire. Then again 9th June came news of the couple was partying at Los Angeles at hot spot Hooray Henry’s.

Rihanna loves Karim, Rihanna does not love Karim

They are in love or not in love… that is the question!! According to the insiders Karim got Rihanna roses after exiting from Los Angeles party. But few others think Rihanna and Karim are just hooked up, enjoying the moment the taking things slow.

Rihanna’s love life

It is colourful indeed. A trend setter, a fashinista, incredible singer and a happening life. What more you may want? Yes this is Rihanna’s life in one sentence. And if we come to the love life, it is more gorgeous than possible.

Her list of hook ups and link ups are quite long, from American recording artist, dancer and actor Chris Brown to basket ball player J. R. Smith, businessperson Ryan Phillippe, baseball player Matt Kemp, another basketball player Rashard Lewis, singer and musician Justin Timberlake, actor Aston Kutcher and also surprisingly Lionardo di Caprio!!! Phew!!!!

Few unknown facts about Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema is a strong and powerful and immensely talented striker known as “a potent finisher from inside the box”. This Spanish striker is the pride of Real Madrid. He won one UEFA Champions League, one UEFA Super Cup, one La Liga and 2014 FIFA Club World Cup.

Benzema is a proud dad of a daughter from his longtime girlfriend Chloé de Launay.

He was charged with having sex with an under aged prostitute!

Wrap up

Rihanna and Karim Benzema, the both 27 years old stars on their respective fields are getting all the attention because of secretive relation. Some fans of Karim Benzema hating the fact as they find Rihanna is an unworthy match for such a talent, whether Rihanna fans thing she deserves better.

Being rudely judgmental about some ones choice or like is rude. So if they are in love and enjoying the heat, just let the two love struck souls alone in their world of dreams where the grass is greener, the songs are sweeter and the brightness is brighter than the camera flashes!!!!