Robin Van Persie Signing for Fenerbahçe S.K

Robin Van Persie is flying to Istanbul tomorrow to sign a three year contract with the Fenerbahçe S.K. Robin Van Persie is signing for Fenerbahçe is no more gimmick! Fenerbahçe S.K is signing RVP right after having another United star Nani in the pocket. The news has finally been confirmed.

Robin Van Persie signing for Fenerbahçe S.K

The official news has not yet been revealed but R.V.P’s tomorrows journey to the middle-east is no more of a secret! According to the agent of the Dutch striker, Van Persie has already confirmed his final departure from Old Trafford.Manchester United Striker Robin van Persie to be Replaced by Cavani

Fenerbahçe S.K signing Robin Van Persie

The move has been confirmed with a € 6.5 million transfer fee and a three year contract with the pre-Arsenal hero. After signing Nani and Van Persie the Turkish club has finally solved their issues with wingers and poachers.

Robin Van Persie signing for Fenerbahçe S.K

After a lot of controversies Louis Van Gaal has not only decided to leave his Dutch student but also has been looking for a replacement for long. With Van Persie moving to Istanbul, the circle has almost completed its perimeter.

Robin Van Persie signing for Fenerbahçe S.K

Van Persie has scored 48 league goals for the Red Devils in his 86 Premiere League appearances. He moved to United from Arsenal at a £24 m transfer fee. Then onwards the striker has provided United one league title. The player had a huge injury last year, leaving him in the bench for almost 3/4th of the season.

Robin Van Persie signing for Fenerbahçe S.K

With Nani and RVP off their sheet, United has now a poacher to fill-in. Loads of names were and still are in the buzz, but none of them has come to a closure yet. From Bale to Benzema, Sterling to Cavani, from Muller to Kane all have been heard in United’s transfer targets, but leaving the supporters in fear, the red-devils poacher spot is yet to get filled in.

Wrap Up:

The Robin Van Persie move was almost expected by all the United supporters but what they really wanted was to see a new signing before letting him go. However, looks like we will have to wait longer for that to happen!