Manchester United Striker Robin van Persie to be Replaced by Cavani

The former Arsenal striker and current Manchester United’s striker Robin Van Persie is about to be replaced by Edinson Cavani, who is currently playing at PSG. The former Old Trafford’s coach Sir Alex Ferguson brought van Persie just before his retirement for £24m. Although, Van Persie helped The Reds to win EPL title in the year of 2012/13 by scoring 26 goals, yet, no he is being debilitated in this season and the result is coming out by his current form and performance in this season.

The Old Trafford tent is next to ready to sell Robin Van Persie and to fulfill his position, they can assign Cavani, who has the capability to bring another title for Manchester United. Cavani has been playing at Paris Saint Germain. There are several reasons why Old Trafford want to bring Cavani, who is playing dramatically and sell out van Persie.

Manchester United Striker Robin van Persie to be Replaced by Cavani

Current Form of Robin Van Persie

In this season, Van Persie has appeared in 24 matches on behalf of Manchester United and has scored only 10 goals. The winning rate of Van Persie is nearly 50% percent, which is another reason, why he can be sold out this summer – after finishing this season.

There was a 3 years contract between van Persie and Old Trafford, which is about to be completed in this summer. Despite having the deadline at Manchester United, Van Persie has not got any other renewal offer from the end of his current club. At the same time, he has been out of the ground since last six weeks due to injury and he is missing some important matches, where he should be present.

Current Form of Cavani

As a striker of PSG, Cavani has been playing better than Van Persie and that’s why he is under The Reds’ radar. He has played 42 matches and has scored 18 goals. Not just 18 goals, he is a trustworthy forward of PSG and he always assist others to score the finishing goal.

There are several players being tracked by Van Gaal and the Old Trafford Chief Executive Ed Woodward and they have started following their checklist. The nearest name is Edinson Cavani.

Current Form and Position of Manchester United

After a long time, Manchester United is coming back to the form with the help of Mata, Rooney, Di Maria, Falcao, Herrera, Fellaini etc. After their last win with 3-1 against Aston Villa, Manchester United is standing at third position with 62 points followed by Chelsea(70) and Arsenal(63).

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