Ronaldinho: The Faded Rainbow

Today we are going to tell you a story. The story of ‘a magic boy’. A boy with a captivating power to play world’s most sacred game, football and dazzle his career. His feet spelled the ball that could stand, roll, fly and stay according to his wish!!! He is really the ‘wizard boy’ of the football ground. Yes!!! You guesses it right, am talking about Ronaldinho.


Ronaldinho and his extraordinary career

Ronaldinho, the 35 years old attacking mid fielder and forward is currently playing in Querétaro. Dinho, the Brazilian player was first grab the attention at a very tender age of 8. In his career he has played for various teams from Grêmio youth squad to Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Milan, Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro, Querétaro. And last but not the least he has been offered contracts for ISL [Indian Super League]. His glorious 27 years career in football is filled with legendary incidents, magical episodes and extraordinary skills.


Who can possibly forget his action or rather say telepathic connections with the ball!  Not only his fans but his opponents and team too, get mesmerized seeing what he can do with the football. His overhead kicks, tricks, dribbling, free kicks and no-look passes- he is surely a magician. the most important thing is he never played football as a game; he proves every time that football is his first love, the’ tenderest’ emotion of all.  This artist is one of those few players of the universe who got a standing ovation!!!


Unfortunately one of the best players of the decade is not devoid of controversies. From the fake passport scam to reckless lifestyle, fitness troubles he has been charged with all. Turning down a £25.5 million offer from Manchester City o join Italian Serie A in 2008 was another controversial step of Ronaldinho. His off form made him out of 2010 and 2014 World cup, which he desperately wanted to be part of.

Final words

Yes we all know that there is rise and set for even the sun, and it is part of nature that the way he flourished with time exactly his performance will go through dawning stage. But as his ardent follower one can ask why such things happen with some god gifted talent? Because, he is not ordinary. May be the most satisfying answer is, ‘even the king knows when to leave his dynasty’. Happy birthday legend!!!