The iconic Dutch answered his opinion on the ever going Ronaldo-Messi comparison in the Aspire4Spotrs meeting at Berlin. The former Barcelona coach has also praised the Portuguese’ counterpart Lionel Messi for his ability to ‘build’ a team that the Real Madrid ace could not do.

Cruyff stressed that he likes a player who is short, skillful and technical players like Lionel Messi more than a complete goal scorer like Cristiano Ronaldo. The Legend remembered his playing style and his attributes to justify his choice.

Messi is better, Ronaldo is not a team player : Johan Cruyff

Ronaldo Is Not A Team Player, Messi Is A Better Player Than Cristiano Ronaldo - Johan Cruyff

Without a doubt, Cruyff’s choice is a very expected one as he said he likes the Messi kind of players more than everyone, most of the legends do. Lionel Messi is the backbone of Barcelona and most of the times he has to single-handedly carry his national team Argentina.

The Dutch icon also did not fail to praise the Real Madrid’s talisman as he agreed that Cristiano Ronaldo is a ‘great’ footballer. He praised the former Manchester United player for his goal-scoring abilities, but he felt that Ronaldo should control the game more than he does.

Cruyff also had his say on this year’s Baloon d’Or race and he is damn sure about the winner; without any other considerations he said Lionel Messi!

The former Barcelona manager also had tough words for the current Barcelona midfield and claimed the current midfield players as ‘crap’ comparing to the iconic Xavi Hernandez. He felt the current players lack the vision and passing qualities that Xavi possessed. But his final words are, “I am only giving my opinion and it’s not a criticism.”

Considering the Legacy of Johan Cruyff, we can assure that the players are not going to take this as a criticism or just as a view, they should take this as a lesson and should try to improve themselves.