Rooney – Teams will be Scared of England

Although, England failed to add the UEFA European Champions League feather to their crown since it was started for the first time, yet, now the white army is ready for this trophy. Their poor performance in world cup 2014 made them miserable. However, they have recovered a lot and they have been winning in the UEFA European Champions League qualifier matches.

After an ineffective performance by almost all players, they have reformed their team and now it looks ready. Some top scoring players have started giving support to this team and as a result, England have won seven consecutive matches in UEFA European Champions League qualifier. Yesterday, England played against Lithuania and won the match with 4-0.

Ronney England-v-Lithuania

After the press meet of that match, the national team caption, Wayne Rooney has said that

[quote_center]I think since the World Cup we’ve been fantastic. Some great victories, we’re scoring goals, really energetic team, a lot of pace and I think a lot of teams around Europe will be looking at this team and they’ll be frightened.[/quote_center]

He also praised Harry Kane, the current forward of Tottenham Hotspur. Harry Kane, the top goal scorer of English Premier League, has scored his debut goal for England just after 80 seconds of appearing. According to his game, he made only three touches before scoring the goal. That speaks everything clearly.

On the other hand, Raheem Sterling, the mid-fielder/forward of Liverpool also scored his debut goal for England on 58th minute. Apart from them, Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck also scored one goal each. Obviously, they have spent a valuable time on the field but their goals seem fuzzy in front of Harry Kane’s 80 seconds debut goal.

The most important thing is Sterling and Harry Kane were playing differently and their identical combination was behind the Harry Kane’s goal. Just because of these redoubtable skill, Rooney has told the media all those things. And he is somehow correct too because, every teams needs experience as well as new skill to crack opponent and now, England have both.

Now, we need to look at this team, as Rooney outlined.