Santi Cazorla: “Double Happy” for New Contract and Win over Chelsea

The Spanish midfielder has signed on a new deal with Arsenal follow that win over the “Special One” in Community Shield 2015. In an interview, Cazrola has expressed that he is DOUBLE HAPPY because of two reasons.

First, he has got another deal from Arsene Wenger and the Current Premier League title holder has defeated to them.

Santi Cazorla Interview

Santi Cazorla Interview

Santi Cazorla, in an interview with radio, has stated that they need to work harder to take on other rivals like Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. On the same, he has told that,

We have to try to show that level to fight against Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. People are very excited to win this weekend at Chelsea, but the League is the most important and we have experience of losing matches you can’t lose if you want to win the league. We must learn from it.

He is really a positive thinker, who knows the meaning of hard work. From his interview, this is sure that Arsenal is getting ready to compete with each rival for a very short time.

The aim is to fight for the Premier League, but looking from Sunday to Sunday, not long-term.

When asked about his transfer rumours, he said,

In football you do not know how long you’ll be in a team. You live only the present, but I am very happy.

Things have gone very well and hopefully I can help the team to win titles, that’s why I came to Arsenal.

Another reason for that Cazorla is happy is coach, Arsene Wenger, has given him an additional task on the field. Now, he can spend even more time in the midfield.

The new role that I have, with the arrival of Alexis, the coach used me more in the middle area of the field. I took more prominence, and I feel a major responsibility in the team. I have noticed this change and I’m very happy in this position.

Cazorla is really happy since he always tried to improve his team and Arsenal is probably the best place for him to take responsibility and work on them.

Here is not the end. He is also excited to play alongside the Real’r forward, Karim Benzema. On the transfer news of Benzema, Cazorla has said that,

Benzema is a great player. Everyone would like to have him on their team, but the coach already has a squad and probably will not find another forward.

What do you think about him? Can he prove himself.. Again?