Sergio Ramos’ poor performance in the Champions League semi-final helped Real Madrid to lose the game. Carlo Ancelotti, the Real Madrid Manager, generally use Sergio Ramos in defence. Due to absence of Luca Modric he is using him as defensive midfielder for last three matches. He performed brilliantly against Atletico Madrid in Bernabeu. But he fail to live up to the task against Juve last night. As a key player for Madrid side, they expect long ball and good passes from him, but his passing accuracy was awful last night. He wasn’t even tracking the ball right way. It was Ramos & Marcelo’s mistake which gives Juventus the early lead. and eventually won the match 2-1.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos confesses poor performance

“It was a bad game in general. I played poorly, but this does not worry me, I trust Coach Carlo Ancelotti and he trusts me”

is all Ramos had to say to the reporters after the game.  Sergio Ramos confesses his poor performance to the reporters. he made many mistakes in between the game and that made the game a bit easy for the Juventus.

Sergio Ramos still bears the hope

undoubtedly the match was a disaster.  Sergio Ramos admits his faults but still have the faith for betterment.

“It won’t be hard at all to play better at the Santiago Bernabeu next Wednesday than we did today. I’m sure everything will change. Giving up is not my nature, it’s not philosophy and it’s not in DNA.”

Juventus’ performance

Juventus deserves all the praise as the team made no mistake and was too focused in the game. Altogether they got the match after their strong and exceptional movements. Morata the man of the match boost the team’s confidence after opening the scoring on eight minutes.

Real Madrid’s performance

the 10th time European champions who won their last league against their arch rival Atletico defeated by the Juventus by 2-1. But according to the coach Ancelotti

“We made more mistakes than normal, that was because of Juve’s pressing. Their line was higher in the second half,

But we’ll be confident because we are playing at home and the fans there will help us. We have to be patient. The result is a negative one but not such a bad one.”

As per Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez

“The result is not bad, we have to have faith. We are at home with our fans in the stadium. The Bernabeu has to get behind us,”

Sergio Ramos’ mistakes are something they need to rectify. But he also feels as a team they need to recover and the defeat has given them some serious food for thought before the next week match against Valencia. In spite of everything he believes

“I think Real Madrid will get to the final”

Wrap up

It is so true that one can never say what can happen in the field. But at the same time, sometimes over confidence pay heavy price. and I think Real Madrid need to learn that and then proceed. Sergio Ramos’ confession after the match must be counted as their redemption.