Spanish Soccer Strike puts Question mark on Season Finale

Barcelona or Real Madrid, who will win the Spanish League? Unfortunately, this is not the sensational discussion in the world of Spanish football anymore. Few upcoming matches of the season have been put into serious doubt because of a conflict between Spanish soccer authorities and the broadcasting department. The Spanish Soccer Strike puts Question mark on Season Finale.

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The reason behind the Spanish Soccer Strike

The whole issue is been centered round the dispute in the money distribution among the teams and players and almost half of the revenue is under the control of the two biggest teams – Barcelona and Real Madrid.  But these two teams had agreed on the upcoming changes. The problem arose as the government came with the new laws of ‘collective bargaining agreement’ like English Premier League which Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) disagreed. They had issues with some of the rules which they described as “lack of respect” and felt “ignored”.

the players’ union decided to go on a  strike officially from 16th May. The union president Luis Rubiales got supports from all the players including Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas and Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez. Rubiales said:

“We are in favor of the collective sale of the TV rights, but not the new law as it is, we ask for a smaller difference between the first and second division like in the rest of Europe.”

And they are taking legal steps

“in defense of the legitimate interests of its clubs.”

This is so far the biggest tussle between the government and football association.

The conflict

The government’s top sports official Cardenal, defended the law and remarked the strike is absolutely unjustified.

“I ask the federation to read the law carefully, take time to think, and return to the reasonable work of fostering amateur football”

Javier Tebas, the president of the professional football league filed a case against the strike by the AFE players` union and RFEF football federation. He says:

“We are filing a lawsuit because the strike is illegal,”

“It is not a matter of labour relations. They are trying to strike against a law and in Spain that kind of strike is not allowed.”

Question mark on Spanish Soccer Season Finale

It stayed unclear how the problem might be resolved. The football federation and the representatives of the players raised different issues not directly associated with the broadcast conflict.

The threatened open-ended strike from May 16 can affect the crucial Spanish Cup final this month.

Wrap up

The fans are outraged and the laws are too strict and players and federation too stubborn. Let’s just see who wins this match?

But what if the final match does not take place? It will be more than a big financial loss. waiting eagerly for the problem to be solved as quickly as possible.