Raheem Sterling to Join Real Madrid Very Soon, Zidane

The former Real Madrid midfielder and wanna be coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane said Sterling is under their radar and they can assign Raheem Sterling as soon as possible, if everything goes as it is. According to Zidane, only few players can improve the whole club performance of Real Madrid and Sterling is one of them, who is currently playing at Anfield.

This is not the first time, rather Zidane has said the same thing in an interview as well as social networking website that they have been tracking one of the most emerging player of England since past couple of months as they did for Bale before the contract.

“We know who Raheem Sterling is, and of course we are monitoring him as a player,” Zidane added.

The current coach of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers is really impressed and he decided to revise his contract, which can end up £100,000 a week. But, on the other hand, money doesn’t matter but family does. According to his outlines, he is not playing for money. That simply implies, he can move towards other clubs if he gets good contract. Although, this news is not confirmed, yet it can happen anytime.

According to the living legend, Sterling has the capability to bring a change in Real Madrid, what is currently being proclaimed by BBC combination. In past couple of months, Sterling has been playing better than any other player of Liverpool. He can play in multiple positions, which is quite difficult for most of the players. This 20 years old man can play as winger, midfielder as well as striker.

Statistics of Raheem Sterling in English Premier League 2014/15 Season

This winger has appeared in 29 matches in this season and scored 6 goals. Not only just 6 goals, but also he has assisted many times to score a goal for The Reds by various players. If you go to compare him with his team, you will end up writing bad lines about him. However, if you compare him with his previous season, you will find a lot of changes and improvements in his game.

Previously, it was just Manchester City and Bayern Munich, who have shown their interest to get this young star. However, now, one of the richest clubs, Real Madrid have joined in this Rat race to get Raheem Sterling.