Anfield’s One Man Army Is About To Say Good Bye

Steven Gerrard, the one man army of Liverpool is going to retire after this season. Although, this is confirmed, yet, he can play for LA galaxy from July of this year. From the day 1, Gerrard was the most expensive asset of The Reds and still he is playing something extraordinary for Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard Will Retire From Liverpool

A full stop is coming soon to Gerrard’s football career at Anfield after this season. Although, Liverpool has been suffering from a difficult time, yet, Gerrard is playing the better game. As a result, this English midfielder has scored the winning goal against QPR in the last fixture.

All the controversies have been started after the post match interview. In the press meet, Gerrard can outlined that,

Thankfully I made up for it. It was nice; I’ll take any goal because I’ve only got one appearance left at Anfield. More importantly it meant the team got three points and everyone can go home happy.

That’s when the emotion started in the house, that’s when it became tough. At the same time, it’s exciting – it’s a great opportunity for my family and myself. But yes, it’s tough.

He further added,

The final Anfield appearance will be emotional for me and my family.

These lines imply everything about the future of Gerrard at Anfield. It means, either Gerrard s going to retire from entire football career or he is leaving Liverpool and joining LA Galaxy in mid-2015.

The good news for Gerrard’s fans is Liverpool have not said anything on this and they even haven’t confirmed this news. But, this is the player, who can make the decision in his carrer.

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Gerrard’s Achievements At Liverpool

Steven Gerrard quote

Gerrard has given more than he got from his club. He started playing for Liverpool on 1998 and since then, he has been such a player, who has successfully brought his team to such a place, where nobody could not did in the past for a long time. Apparently, Premier League title is still his dream to win from Liverpool, yet, he has got many other titles including,

  • 2 FA cups
  • 3 League cups
  • 1 UEFA Champions League
  • 1 UEFA cup
  • 2 UEFA Super cups

Liverpool is popular as an EPL giant, which won 18 EPL title. However, all of them were in absence of Gerrard. This is what he got at Liverpool.

However, the story of his consistence, leadership, vision, skill, devotion were much more than what he has got from his club. He is such a player, who can prop him team. In most of the times, his goal helped Liverpool to win the match and the same drama happened in Liverpool vs QPR match.

His best season was 2008-09 and 2013-14 when he scored 16 and 13 goals respectively. But, Gerrard’s dedication cannot be determined by his goal or assist. There are so many players, who have dedicated entire life at one club even in tough time and Steven Gerrard is one of them.

Gerrard can play in multiple positions including Right Back, Right Winger, Central Midfielder etc. However, according to Robbie Keane, Gerrard looks most grisly as a midfielder.

Someone also told that,

We’ve been fortunate to have had unbelievable players going back to Billy Liddell and John Barnes, Graeme Souness and Kenny Dalglish. But, in all honesty, Steve, over the last 12-13 years, has had to carry Liverpool when we’ve had very average players; players that should not have got anywhere near the shirt. Some of the performances he has put together you had to see to believe.

The Liverpool Story Of Steven Gerrard (1998-2014)

A Goodbye Tribute To Steven Gerrard By A Reds Fan

Nobody wants to say goodbye to his English hero, who was born to play only football.

What Gerrard has done for Liverpool, none other player can do the same for this club. He has been criticized tons of times but his dedication never reduced. This is what makes Gerrard a football legend.