Football. A game that is not only entertaining because of the power, passion and speed. It has given birth most of the world-class style icons too. The recipe that makes a player a celebrity, ‘style and fashion sense’ is one of the biggest part of that. Today we have targeted two biggest fashion icons of football fraternity, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

From their hair style to tattoos and from brands to accessories- they have grabbed the eyeballs of whole world. Though there are differences but they have a lot of commons too!! !!

Hair Style

When it comes to hairstyle, both Beckham and Ronaldo have shown their best. Both have opted different looks and cuts and carried it with panache!!


David Beckham: some of his famous styles are short straight, Ponytail, Under Haircut, Mohawk Haircut, Medium Short Formal Side Hairstyle, Short Undercut and many more.


Cristiano Ronaldo: Spiked Hairstyle, Short Curl, Mohawk Hair Look, Back Side Hair, Curly Hairstyle, Shaved Line Haircut are some of the part of his style statement. But we have seen him mostly in spikes.


Beckham's tattoo

David Beckham: Ah undoubtedly a part of sex appeal for men and Beckham has not lost any of the scope to prove this point. We can see a number of tattoos all over his body with different meaning and implications, but most important of all is that, he has an awesome body!!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo: A mind boggling body saved for philanthropy. His eight pack abs is enough to make millions of girls faint and make thousands of boys his ardent follower. But beside that precious body he has a heart of gold which never been inked a tattoo as that will prevent him from blood donation which he does several times every year.

Beard/ clean shaved

david beckham

David Beckham: stubble, trimmed facial hair and even a goatee Beckham has tried all and it has given him the title of a metro-sexual man. Very few of the male stars apart from him, from the field of entertainment and sports can manage to look stunningly hot with a beard or goatee.


Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo on the other hand never experimented with his beard. We have seen him clean shaved always. This guy knows well what suits him well and his lover boy image is mostly reflected through his face that has a long lasting effect on the teenage girls.

Favourite Brands

Personal brand mirrors a personality. Yes it is very true we can easily categorize some one’s sense of styling through the brands he prefers. So take a look of these two fashion icons of football world.


David Beckham: he has an impeccable power to carry almost all type of dress from formal to casual. some of his favourite brands are St Laurent for shirt and jacket , Acapulco Gold for shirt, Adidas for shoes, Denim for jeans and jackets, Lock & Hatters for caps and hat, Tom Ford for tuxedo and Helmut Lang.


Cristiano Ronaldo: Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Jacob and co, Time Force, Louis Vuitton are some of the brands that are part of styling of the star.

Brand Endorsement

the style , fashion and not to forget the immense popularity of this two stars of football and fashion king for millions have given the world class brands to make them their brands’ face. Here we have listed some of those brands that has given them a fortune and a stylized self.

David Beckham

David Beckham: Giorgio Armani, Motorola, Yahoo, Samsung, Gillette, Pepsi, Breitling SA, Jaguar are those brands he has endorsed in his career.  Homme, H & M Hennes & Mauritz have created a personal brand by using his name in their collections.


Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo is part of these brands-Nike, Castrol, Clear Shampoo and Banco Espirito, KFC and many more as sponsors. CR7 is his own brand for shirts and underwear!

Final Words

Personal styling is a brand itself that makes a player a star. Only a few chosen can create such a charisma. David Beckham and Cris tiano Ronaldo are surely such people. But there is one big influence that we are forgetting is their wife and girlfriend. Victoria Beckham, a pop star and a fashion designer has left her own impression on David Beckham’s fashion sense and the same goes with Cris tiano Ronaldo who dated Irina Shayk a Russian Supermodel for a long time. So we can say ‘behind every successful style icon there is a super stylist woman’!!!!!! What say?