We are football maniacs. We are writers. We are investors of this blog. We are marketers of this blog. We are editors of this blog. But, Who are we?

Prateek Chatterjee

He is the chief-editor, chief recruiter and one of the founder members of Football Lens. As a hardcore football lover, he likes to dig into every nook and corner of the field. He takes special interest in studying tactical strategies of different coaches and loves to analyse the game from a coach’s angel. Be it Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger, Guus Hiddink or Amal Dutta, P.K. Banerjee, Raghu Nandy; Prateek Chatterjee digs into everybody’s strategies. Prateek Chatterjee is a Green and Maroon hearted true Mohun Bagani. He is also a supporter of Manchester United and Juventus F.C. If you also believe that romance is always on a rolling ball over grass; rather than a colorful flower in some garden, feel free to contact him in his Facebook profile or Twitter profile.

Sudip Majhi

Sudip Majhi
Sudip is the technical and the designing head of the Football Lens. Apart from a football enthusiast, Sudip has an interest in maintaining a detailed database of footballer’s strengths, weaknesses, recent form, achievements and every other possible statistics. From a Heat-map of a player to the latest transfer update, he got it right at his fingertips. He supports Manchester United in the canvas of world football but when it comes to domestic football, he has his bets on Atletico de Kolkata. If you want the latest update of any football news, ping him in his Facebook profile or tweet at him in his Twitter account.

Ashik Khan


Ashik is one of the sick Football fanatics who find out the best way to represent the passion of football through his keyboard. Basically the content head of the team; Ashik Khan is a sports writer. As for football; the man supports Chelsea FC in English football and Real Madrid C.F in Spanish football. He knows how to make the perfect justice to a match by words so that the readers are given a detailed picture of the happenings. Ashik loves to read and write about the game or the players around. If you ever want an e-book of any football legends or any idea of any certain player; Ashik’s Facebook profile is where you should click on to get in touch.
If you want to send any email, drop it at contact@footballlens.com