The group stage fight for Copa America 2015 is finished. As we are heading for the finals, the whole thing is becoming a little more intense. Now if we look at the group stage performances we will find some of the classy football moments. So why not go to the recent past to see some of the excellent goals. So, today we are sharing the top 10 goals of Copa America 2015 Group Stage.

Top 10 goals of Copa America 2015 Group Stage

Although, most of the goals were awesome, yet, here are top 10 goals of Copa America 2015 group stage matches.

Watch out! Top 10 Goals of Copa America 2015 Group Stage

#10 Neymer Jr. (against Peru)

The most prominent and pinpoint header!!!!!

#9 Salomon Rondon (against Colombia)

This Venezuelan wonder found a corner and a header was all he needed.

#8 Arturo Vidal (against Mexico)

Though the match was a 3-3. But the critical fast and swift act of this Chilean man need to be mentioned.

#7 Claudio Pizarro (against Venezuela)

Pizarro, the player of Peru showed us an extraordinary goal from the close range!

#6 Sergio Agüero (against Uruguay)

The only goal of the match came from this Argentinean gem. Undoubtedly the goal was a treat for the eye!!!!!

#5 Martin Smedberg-Dalence (against Ecuador)

A clean right footed action only took the ball into the bottom right corner.

#4 Alexis Sánchez (against Bolivia)

A smooth goal to the left corner of the post from this Chile star, and the second of the 5 goals of the match!!

#3 Thiago Silva (against Venezuela)

The most powerful volley from the back of Bajora.

#2 Miller Bolaños (against Bolivia)

Took the control of the ball in mid field and took the advantage of the open space ahead and took strike for the right corner.

#1 Nelson Haedo Valdez (against Argentina)

This Paraguayan showed a wonderful action when he took a strike from 25 yards to reach the top of the net!! Wow!!

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