Top 10 Players Regretted Leaving Manchester United

Apart of skill and commitment there is something more that makes footballer a legend or at least a well known name. But in this process one thing plays very important part. That is a club or a team. History is witness of how some players flourished in a certain team or got ruined after leaving certain team. Today we will talk about those players of Manchester United.  Top 10 Players who regretted leaving Manchester United.

Players Regretted Leaving Manchester United

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 List of Top 10 Players Regretted Leaving Manchester United

Here is the list of those unfortunate names.

#‎1. Darron Gibson

Darron Gibson left Manchester United

The first name in this list is Darron Gibson, a 27 years old midfielder whose career was blooming slowly but steadily in Manchester United. But his sudden decision to leave Manchester United proved to be not so a wise choice. He has the capability to become the replacement of Paul Scholes, who was heading towards his retirement then in 2012. Gibson unfortunately failed to prove his worth in Everton and still living his struggling period there. Surely he regretted leaving Manchester United.

#2. ‎Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison Regretted Leaving Manchester United

Ah Ravel Morrison. How promising career can be ruined by thoughtless decisions and personal misbehavior, he is the sad example of that. Starting his senior career with Manchester United is quite a matter of pride and dream of many aspiring talents. Now 22 years old Morrison was lucky enough to live his dream. Undoubtedly 2010-2012 were his best days of life. His leaving for West Ham United affected Sir Alex Ferguson was proved with his words

“A brilliant footballer. Brilliant ability. Top class ability. Needs to get away from Manchester and start a new life”

But life after Manchester United was not a dream any more. His lost skill, personal issues, legal problems has almost ended his career. His hopping from West Ham United to Queens Park Rangers, Birmingham City, Cardiff City only portrays his decline from promising start.

#3. ‎Park Ji-Sung

Park Ji-Sung left United

‘The three lung Park’ was well known for incredible energy and commitment. Long 7 years from 2005 he dazzled in the glorious part of his life under Manchester United. He was not only the second East Asian to join Ferguson’s team but the first Asian to lead the team and it is needless to say he never disappointed the team and Sir. But his sudden joining to Queens Park Rangers in 2012 with an undisclosed fee was a shock for his fans. Some doubted his lack of energy and skills was the reason he appered in less number of matches and that prompted his decision to leave the team. But he never got back the glory of his days in Manchester United. After struggling for two years he retired in 2014.

#‎4. Kieran Richardson

Kieran Richardson Regretted Leaving Manchester United

Joined Manchester United with promises and played well for few matches but his talent was somehow got overshadowed by extremely talented lot including Rooney and Ronaldo, Giggs and Scholes. Mostly found in reserved bench, and played for West Bromwich Albion. Things did not go right for him as he failed to prove his mark. Right now he is playing for Aston Villa and in spite of few positive results he is still struggling with an uncertain future.

#‎5. Dimitar Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov  left Manchester United

This Bulgarian striker had seen his best days of his career in Manchester United and those days never came back in his decision of leaving the team. But his uniqueness lies in his attitude. One of the finest players was had a bizarre indifference and commitment towards the team and infuriated his fans with his laziness.

Apart from this weird accusation he was initially a great success at United, with a limited fee. But with time he lost his charm and importance in team, gone out of favour of Hernandez and Rooney. He left United to join Fullham only to regret his decision of leaving Manchester United. His career graph crashed drastically afterwards.

#6. ‎Fabio

Fábio Pereira da Silva

It is true that Fabio did not belong to the elite players of Manchester United and most of the time found in reserved bench but at the same time the fact is undeniable that he was too promising when he joined the United brigade. He stole eye of the Manchester United scout Les Kershaw in 2005 Nike Premier Cup in Hong Kong. His first match for Manchester United was praised as

“Manchester United finally found out what they were missing”

Fábio had signed on loan for Queens Park Rangers as former Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson thought he need to get some experience. Right now he is playing for Cardiff City and his career is still seems to be a long lost battle.

#7. ‎Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez

A skillful and hardworking forward, with a dribbling skill Tevez saw his best days in Manchester United. After some difficulties with Alan Pardew at West Ham United he joined Manchester United with lots of expectations. Though he had always proved himself in United, he failed to grow a harmonious relation with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The situation prompted him to leave United and in 2009 he joined the rival team Manchester City. Things did not change there either and his career never reached the scale it had been in United. He won one Premier League, one UEFA Champions League, 2008 FIFA Club World Cup and numerous individual honours under Manchester United.

#8. ‎David Beckham

David Beckham regretted leaving Manchester United

One of the most sensational names of Football David Beckham fell prey of stardom, living a ‘larger than life’ only to lack in his immense capacity and skill, grew a sour relation with Sir Alex Ferguson only to leave Manchester United and see a decline of his glorious career graph onwards. He himself said afterwards

“It changed my life. The ball seemed to be in the air for hours and it all went quiet. Then the ball went in and it just erupted. I was on cloud nine. I just wanted to shake everybody’s hand and be out on the pitch for an hour.”

But all his skills and potential was being over shadowed by his immense popularity and personal commitments and from around year 2000 his relation with Ferguson went worse. Sir Alex Ferguson claimed

‘he became bigger than the club’

He then left to join Spanish giant Real Madrid for 4 years and then LA Galaxy in 2007. But never got back his lost glory of Manchester United.

#9. ‎Andrew Cole

Andrew Cole Regretted Leaving Manchester United

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Apart from 6 long years in Manchester United his whole career is somewhat below average. 5 Premier League and one UEFA Champions League under United are not only proof of his great achievements but his best in football.

He left United in 2001. Few claimed his coveted nature was responsible for his departure from the team of ‘Red Devils’ as he could not get along with his team that eventually created coordination problems. Whatever the problem was eventually it turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He joined teams like Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Portsmouth, Nottingham Forest but it turned out to be disastrous.

#‎10. Ruud Van Nistlerooy

Ruud Van Nistelrooy Regretted Leaving Manchester United

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The saddest story of regretting of leaving Manchester United is of Ruud Van Nistlerooy. This Dutch legend had the most smashing strike rate who scored 150 in just 219 appearances in his 5 years career in Manchester United, not to be forgotten with a career threatening injury. But he suffered from a rough patch of lack of performance that got worse with the comparison of upcoming super star of football Ronaldo. His relation got strained with Sir Ferguson that ultimately led him to leave in 2006 for Real Madrid.

But sadly seeing the zenith of success it was difficult to see again the struggling days in Real Madrid where he was in and out of the team. His performance affected and got poorer every day.

His repentance and desperate attempt to join Manchester United drove him to the level of calling Ferguson and apologizing to him for his strange behavior in the team.

He could have been become the all-time top goal scorer but fate had something different in store for him.

Wrap up

These are the list of Top 10 players regretted leaving Manchester United. For more such stories click Football Lens.