Top 11 Fastest Hat tricks in Football

The exhibition of skill, speed and unquestionable talent. Yes a hat trick in the football field needs all three of them. A match’s success and an audience’s dream is a hat trick in a 90 minutes’ match. Just a few days’ back we came across Cristiano Ronaldo’s another fastest hat trick. So I decided today we will go to talk about some of the fastest hat tricks of the world.

So just begin.

Club football: top eleven fastest hat tricks

Today we will talk about only Club football. Some of the super fastest hat tricks of football are in possession of the club football matches [we have discussed European Club Footballs]. So here are those. Am sure some of them will stop your heartbeat.

Magnus Arvidsson 89 seconds

Magnus Arvidsson

Three goals in 89 seconds!!! Magnus Arvidsson scored for Hassleholm in 1995 against Landskrona in a Swedish second level match. “There was hardly time to kick off between the goals!” said Magnus Arvidsson later. Can we doubt that?

Tommy Ross 90 seconds

Tommy Ross of Ross County scored three goals in a bewildering 90 seconds in a match against Nairn in November 1964. He was just 18 years of age at the time. A great achievement in such a tender age!!!

James Hayter 2 minutes 20 seconds

James Hayter

Another jaw dropping hat trick. It was a match between Bournemouth and Wrexham where James Hayter got his hat trick against Wrexham in an approximately 2 minutes 20 seconds!!!

Robbie Fowler 4 minutes 33 seconds

Robbie Fowler

It was August 1994. And the man was Robbie Fowler who crushed three goals past Arsenal in four minutes 33 seconds. What can you say!!! Some people are just fast!!! Am run out of any other explanation!!!

Michael Tonnies 5 minutes

The story of Michael Tonnies is strange and funny too. In August 1991 he made his hattrick in just five minutes for MSV Duisburg against Karlsruher. He wrapped up with 13 goals that season. But unfortunately he never scored in the Bundesliga before and after the season ever in his career.

Jermain Defoe 7 minutes

Jermain Defoe

In 2009 he scored his hat trick in an incredible timing of 7 minutes against Wigan. He scored two more goals against the opponent in that match. After a hat trick, another two goals? Really!!! Wasn’t any other player in the field that day?

Bafetimbi Gomis 7 minutes

Bafetimbi Gomis

Another hat trick scorer in 7 minutes is Bafetimbi Gomis, who scored for Lyon against Dinamo Zagreb in December 2011.

Cristiano Ronaldo 8 minutes

Cristiano Ronaldo

Now comes the heartthrob of football world right now. Cristiano Ronaldo. I know the name is enough. But still for those who don’t know yet. He scored his fasted hat trick against Granada in April 2015. He took only 8 minutes to score in the LaLIga match.

Lionel Messi 11 minutes


Time for the legend himself. It was March 2015. The match was against the Rayo Vallecano. This hat trick is fastest among his other such scores. He is really a class player who can choose the record from his records.

German Denis 12 minutes

Atalanta’s German Denis scores a hat trick in their Italian Serie A against Inter Milan in Milan April 7, 2013.

Amuri 14 minutes

He is last but definitely not the least. The day was March 2013 and the match was Italian Serie A between Parma and Torino, where Parma beat Torino in 4-1 when the hero of the day Amauri made the most of it with a hat trick within 14 minutes only before 10 minutes remaining of the match.

Wrap up

Football is all about speed and what can be more delightful than seeing hat tricks within a minimum time as a hat trick is the most delighted action of the game. So all the football lovers get your bear, relax in your couch and enjoy reading!!!