Top 11 Weird Jobs Players Had Before Becoming Footballers

When we talk football we talk about legends, their skills or controversies usually. But we often forget the one big important fact. That is ‘reality’. And for few it is too hard. To face the reality apart from the world of dreams that is football they had to go to the extent to do jobs far different than their later career in football. Let’s take a look in some of the weird jobs the players had to do before becoming footballers.

Here are Top 10 Weird Jobs Players Had before Becoming Footballers

Jose Mourinho


Jobs: translator, teacher

Jose Mourinho’s story is a bit different. because he started as a player and failed to prove himself and thought of joining the business school which he realized is not his cup of tea and dropped out only after a day to study sports science and taught physical education in some of the school of Lisbon.

He even worked as the translator of Bobby Robson and impressed him not only with his talent of translation but his skills and tactical insight.  the rest as they say is history.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson

Jobs: Tool-Maker, Chef

It is hard to believe that a coach like Sir Alex Ferguson spent his young days as an apprentice tool-maker in his native Govan where he worked for five years. His leadership quality was quite flourished when he entangled in a pay dispute and took part in unofficial walk-out for his colleagues.

He took cooking lessons and worked for 18-months in a restaurant close to Hampden Park. It was all before he concentrated on his football career and never looked back since.

Chris Waddle

Chris Waddle

Jobs: Sausage Maker

It is true that life is stranger than fiction. At least for some. Chris Waddle a TV football pundit, sports newspaper writer and commentator was once a sausage maker. Yes he worked in a sausage factory to make his ends.



Jobs: Bin Liner Salesman

This Brazilian player is currently playing for team Al Sadd has a unique story too. The talented footballer who was a door to door salesman selling bin-liners to support his family. Though he is too proud of that part of his life as he feels that has helped a lot to grow as a positive person that is the first and foremost criteria for being a footballer. And we are proud of him as a football lover.

Julio Cruz

Julio Cruz

Jobs: Gardener

This Argentine former footballer won many honors including Serie A titles and played for Inter Milan for a long span. But you may get a shock knowing that in his early days he worked as a gardener for local team Banfield. Once he was called by then football manager Oscar López to play for one day in a practice match taking the place of an absent player. His sheer talent was proved in that one match and as a result he was signed by Oscar only to flourish as a great footballer.

Mat Mitchel King

Jobs: Body Double

That is weird. This English defender was a Body Double for Rio Ferdinand. He walked in as a Body Double in one of his Nike campaign. He also walked in ramps as a model for Armani. a model and a football player. What more one can ask?

Steve Savidan

Steve Savidan

Job: Barman, Binman

The story of Steve Savidan is really an inspirational one. He had to work in several pubs as a barman and used to work as a binman after the barman job to earn some extra buck to continue his football career. And the happiest part of the struggle is that all his effort did not go in vain. At the age of 30, he reached the French national team and owned his sole cap. He is a living story to inspire all the struggler around the world. Unfortunately this talent had to dim early than time due to his heart problem only at the age of 31 in 2009.

Sometimes life plays its own cruel game.

Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce

Jobs: electrician

This former English player and current manager of  Nottingham Forest was trained as an electrician and more interesting part is he used the Nottingham Forest programme to advertise his agency and services. A co-incident or sheer god’s will?

Roar Strand

Roar Strand

Jobs: Chimney Sweep

Roar Strand is one of those footballers who is not only loved but deeply respected by his nation and fans because of his patriotic mind who never played outside the country for other club even he was offered big money.

But is not the only outstanding quality to talk about. He was worked as a chimney sweeper as his mentor Nils Arne Eggen was too strict about some rules and discipline among the team that pushes the players to have second job or study along with the football. Roar Strand was unique among them as did not took the easy way out by choosing something easy and he chose a job too strenuous and different for a footballer.

Moreno Torricelli

Moreno Torricelli

Jobs: Carpenter

A successful footballer and manager from Italy was a carpenter by profession before his introduction to the world of football. He was spotted by the then coach Giovanni Trapattoni in a pre-season friendly against Juventus in the 1992 summer and he was signed with a whopping 50 million lire.

Some of his achievements of this hardworking and energetic player:

Serie A: 1994-95, 1996-97, 1997-98

Coppa Italia: 1994-95, 2000-01

Italian Super Cup: 1995, 1997

UEFA Champions League: 1996

European Super Cup: 1996

Intercontinental Cup: 1996

UEFA Cup: 1993

Do I need to say anything else?

Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel

Jobs: Cleaner, Carpet Fitter etc

Life is not a bed of roses for most of us. It is too times more difficult if you have dream along with the harsh reality. The story of Peter Schmeichel is more dramatic and beautiful than a scripted movie. To help his family and fulfill his dream to become a goalkeeper he had to work in excruciatingly tiresome jobs. He came a long way from from his first job in a textile factory as a dyer, then as a cleaner in an old age home, ran a charity shop for the World Wildlife Fund, a month of military service and then a carpet fitters job and finally a job in an advertising firm. it was the last job he took before taking his profession as a footballer seriously.

He is the most capped player for the Denmark national team and his name is enlisted in the “125 greatest living footballers”, at the FIFA 100 celebrations in 2004. He got married to Bente the daughter of his mentor Svend Aage Hansen.

Wrap up:

Football has always portrays true emotions, with a win or loss or struggle. The stories of these 11 heroes are much more than a story of footballers’ struggle. It is the collective story of how to achieve what you dream. the moral of the story is always ‘if you don’t have the guts to fulfill then don’t dare to dream’.