Top 20 Most Controversial Quotes of Diego Maradona

The born player, the class, the coach, the man with guts and confidence and the cherry on the top is his controversial life and comments. Still thinking? I know you have guessed already. It’s Diego Maradona. Argentinean legend is best of everything. Even when comes in front of a camera or microphones as his tongue knows no filter. His comments are controversial, bold, outrageous and undoubtedly entertaining. So let’s hear some of legend’s master comments.

 messi and maradona

Top 20 Most Controversial Quotes of Diego Maradona

This is Maradona’s latest one:

“Cristiano is a predator in front of goal. You can’t let Cristiano shoot from anywhere in the opposition half.

Goalkeepers are scared of him. You have to be honest, goalkeepers are scared of Cristiano. They are not so scared of Messi in those areas because he doesn’t have the same power as Cristiano.

Cristiano is an incredible professional. I think at this present time he is right up there at Messi’s level.”


Now start counting.

Some Classic Maradona quotes:

These are some of his most interesting and straight forward comments. they are humorous with a twist.

#1. “To see the ball, to run after it, makes me the happiest man in the world”.

Maradona Quote happiest man in the world

#2. My mother thinks I am the best. And I was raised to always believe what my mother tells me.

Maradona Quote My mother thinks

#3. I am calm, My surname is not a burden for me. It might be for others, but not for me.

Maradona Quote I am calm

#4. I am black or white, I’ll never be grey in my life.

Maradona Quote black or white

#5. Things are neither clear nor clean in the world of football right now and many people recognize this reality.

Maradona Quote neither clear

Here are some of the most controversial quotes of Maradona:

#6. At the time of the retirement people get emotional. But he is Maradona and thus too bold!!!

Maradona quote on working hard

#7. This quote came when he was voted Fifa’s joint Player of the Century.

Maradona Quote on Fifa vote

#8. At times he had commented on Real Madrid. And I must say those were harsh and sarcastic

Maradona Quote on Real Madrid

#9. and the next one too!!!

Maradona quote on argentina

#10. This was especially for his team mates. He is really bold I must say!!!

Maradona quotes on teammates

On some personal issues:

Such quotes makes him the real ‘bad boy’ of football fraternity. Let’s take a look.

#11. One of the most controversial issues of smashing the car of a photographer and this is all he had to say

Maradona Bad boy quote

#12. Another fearless comment on his political choice

Maradona Quote on President Hugo

#13. His view on American politics is too sharp

Maradona quote on Bush

#14. My god. Even David Beckham is not spared!!!

Maradona quote on beckham

#15. I think he does not even spare himself!!!

Maradona quote on Dalma and Giannina

Maradona’s comments on the another legend Pele:

The real ‘clash of the titans’!!! Though we have seen Maradona to become more verbally aggressive towards Pele.

#16. After the 2010 World Cup controversies he boldly announced that

Maradona quote on Pele

#17. This one is too much. This statement was his natural reaction after Pele claimed Neymar was a better player than Lionel Messi.

Maradona on wrong pill

#18. Pele claimed Messi will never be as good as him and everybody knew who will react

Maradona quote on messi

#19. Pele was accused by Maradona of being favorite with the management but not with the mass like him!!!

Pele was accused by Maradona

#20. Maradona’s sense of superiority was proved again.

Maradona quote mother

Wrap up:

Diego Maradona. The name that at once flashes in our head two words. A Legend and too controversial. He came out of a poor family and was a born talent. His life is entirely controversial from his “Hand of God” goal to his autobiography where he admitted to be unfaithful to his wife, his legendary conflict with Pele and his drug abuse and other controversies.

He has seen all, told all, dealt all and still stands tall.