Football and Fans. These are the two simple words. But when the two merge it produces a deadly combo!!!!! As in was recently watching Copa America 2015 two things came out very clear. The first is of course extraordinary football and secondly the fans. They are mad, they are crazy and most importantly they are those highly emotional souls that lives eternally through football.

If we see the craziest Football Fan base of Copa America, they have certain patterns. Wanna see them!!!!!

Top 5 Craziest Football Fan base of Copa America


Brazil Fan

Can we start a discussion on football fans without mentioning Brazil in the first place? For Brazil football is part of their being. It’s their religion. But we have seen at times that the real love of the Brazilians is the game football and not the team football. This fact became clearer after the FIFA 14 against the Germans. Some may call it trolling one’s own national team, but from where I can see its sheer appreciation of a good game. Brazil is the craziest football fan base of the National Teams around the World. Any doubt?



If Brazil is here can Argentina be far behind!!!!! Yes, the second is surely my favorite Argentina. One of the most beautiful places of the world and a country famous for its beaches, are crazy and insane when it comes to football. Who does not know about the Argentinean football hooligans!!!!!  Even in the last world cup in 2014 the English fans were warned by the police and securities against the notorious gang. But it can be said that, if you are a football fan and not a bit crazy then you are not even a fan!!!!!


Chile Fans

Another crazy lot of football!! Chile fans are so very aggressive that sometimes their celebration becomes a headline. In FIFA 2014, the celebration of the fans, after a win against Spain, turn out to be havoc and one got badly injured, initially police had to interfere. But the energy we get in a Chile supporter is incredible. And of course don’t you dare forget about the red hot Chilean female fans!!!!!


Colombia Fan

The moment I think about Columbian fans the first vision that comes to my mind is hot Columbian female fan bridged. How hot a female football fan can be? The answer is always to watch a match of Columbia. No doubt Columbia has one of the the craziest Football Fan base of the world.


mexico fan
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The most chilled out football fans of the world. They are all about sprinkling beer, having pizza and shouting out loud. And if we come to talk about football hooliganism, the Mexican fans have a special preference. While other teams’ fan beat the opponent fans the Mexicans choose the police who try to stop them!!!!! Fair enough?

Wrap up

A silent ground and serious and mature fans can cause some of the suicides. Because the best part of the game is the revelry. The weird makeup, the cries and howl, the patriotic songs, the arguments and even hooliganisms. If these are not there, what is football? And as they say-

Craziest Football Fans: They Can Do Anything!!!!!