Top 5 Fiercest Strikers of Copa America 2015

When people are talking about latest transfer rumours of popular footballers in Premier League and other leagues, Copa America 2015 is closing in as well. Although, some people are waiting for the opening ceremony of Copa America 2015, millions of people are waiting for the first match of CA 2015. Previously, we have made a list of top 5 most effective goalkeepers of Copa America 2015 and now, here is a list of top 5 fiercest strikers of Copa America 2015.

Top 5 Fiercest Strikers of Copa America 2015

This list contains some names, who are known to you. At the same time, you can find a couple of names, who are bit unknown to the world. Not all people know them.

Top 5 Fiercest Strikers of Copa America 2015

#1 Lionel Messi (Argentina)

This would be wrong if you give the first position to any other striker, when Messi is on the list. He is probably the finest and most trustworthy player of Argentina as well as Barcelona. He has never gone out of his form and that is the reason, why he is having 67 goals in 69 matches along with 31 assists. He will obviously try to hold this trophy for his country since the contribution for his country is not too much if you cut out his individual match performance.

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#2 Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)

This Napoli striker, Edinson Cavani is currently playing alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic for PSG. Although, PSG have not won any major league this season but Cavani is playing something brilliant. Few weeks back, there was also a rumour that he is coming to Manchester United to replace Van Persie. He has played total 56 matches for PSG and Uruguay in 2014/15 and scored 37 goals. Although, his international statistics for Uruguay is not too good but you will be shocked, when you check his club statistics.

#3 Neymar (Brazil)

This Brazilian striker missed few matches in World Cup 2014 due to injury and he has the thirst to hold this CA title for his country. He is currently playing in Barcelona and he is another reason behind Barcelona’s success. He has played 63 matches in 2014/15 season and scored 55 goals and has 10 assists.

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#4 Alexis Sanchez (Chile)

Chile squad for Copa America 2015 is stronger than earlier lineup since this squad has some brilliant players and Alexis Sanchez’s name comes first on the list. He is such a player, who scored 2 goals in 4 matches for Chile in WC 2014. Currently, he is good for Arsenal. His strength is his dribbling power in the box and score goals. These are two things, what every team needs and Alexis Sanchez is the perfect man, who can deliver them together.

#5 Raul Jimenez (Mexico)

This 24 years old Mexican striker was made his debut for Mexico senior team in 2013. He has played 22 matches in 2014/15 season and scored 5 goals. He is able to make counter attack swiftly and his on-target shoots make much difficulty for goalkeepers.

When these players are on the field, you should not focus on any other thing except on them. In fact, you will not be able to do so. However, can these players prove themselves again for their country? Millions of people are waiting for their crazy goals.