Top 5 Goals of Women’s World Cup 2015

When people are talking about Copa America 2015 and latest transfer rumours, some countries are playing extraordinary in Women’s World Cup Canada 2015. Every country has played their first match in group-stage and almost all have been next to awesome.

Top 5 Goals of Women’s World Cup 2015

Now, we are talking about top 5 goals of Women’s World Cup 2015. For you, if football is only for men, we would say that you are wrong. If you have watched  any match of Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, you will realize that. These girls are playing really well and have scored amazing goals.

Top 5 Goals of Women’s World Cup 2015

Obviously, these goals are chosen based on our own view and you can include more goals in the list.

#1 Daniela Montoya in Colombia vs. Mexico (9th June)

Obviously it was the first match between these two teams in Women’s World Cup 2015 and both teams were playing well. But, Verónica Pérez of Mexico scored the maiden goal with a strong right-footed shot on 36th minutes. After that, Colombia fell into trouble but an extremely impressive goal of Daniela Montoya helped her country to finish that match with 1-1 draw.

#2 Eugenie Le Sommer in France vs. England (9th June)

It was probably the best goal of Eugenie Le Sommer in her life. Although, this 26 years old attacking midfielder plays better than other players in club football, yet, she was not as good as she is now for her country. However, her strong right-footed shot was made missed by opponent’s goalkeeper. Although, England looked much confident against France, yet, their strategy failed to block Eugenie Le Sommer.

#3 Lieke Martens in New Zealand vs. Netherlands (6th June)

It was the second match of Group A. This match contains some controversial decisions including the penalty by Hannah Wilkinson. However, at the end of the match Netherlands beat New Zealand in first-ever Women’s World Cup match with the help of Lieke Martens’ goal on 33rd minute.

#4 Megan Rapinoe in USA vs. Australia (8th June)

Megan Rapinoe in USA vs. Australia

USA was always an average team in all tournaments. However, on the other hand, Australia is quite similar to USA. But, the scenario was much different from earlier matches. Megan Rapinoe scored 2 goals in USA vs Australia match, which helped their country to win it for 3-1. Her first goal was just awesome.  You can check it out at here. She is also the Player Of The Match of USA vs Australia.

#5 Anja Mittag in Germany vs Cote D’Ivoire (7th June)

Anja Mittag in Germany vs Cote D’Ivoire

Cote D’Ivoire was defeated to brutal Germany with 10-0 scoreline. With 61% ball procession, Germany’s Anja MIttag scored hat-trick within 64 minutes. Her first goal came on 29th minute. After that, another came on 35 minute and 64th minute. Check out the goals here.

Stay tuned! We will update this list very soon with more awesome goals.