Being a Madridista is a Feeling! Yeah, every Madrid fan can feel the pride of those words. The Club of the Century award winners are the most successful club in the world and everyone related with the club expresses that Pride whenever they given a chance. In the social media sites, the general feeling among most of the other club fans is Real Madrid fans are the most ruthless fans and the reason is the grand successes the club had in the past.

Real Madrid fans tend to disrespect any other club (if they question the club’s legacy) and that is just because the club’s Glory is not an ordinary one. They are the Greatest Club of the 20th Century and still the team is the first competitors to beat in all the competitions they compete.

And here are the 5 greatest quotes about Real Madrid:



In the 1984-85 Champions League, Real Madrid lost 2-0 to Inter Milan in the Semi-Finals at the San Siro. After the game Legendary Real Madrid champion Juanito said this and the team proved the words as they defeated the Italians by 3-0 to play the Finals which they won against Hungarian Champions Videoton FC.



The quote was a famous one among the Real Madrid fans as the words make a Madridista feel the Pride and make them lose their emotion. The quote was made tp promote the Adidas/Real Madrid campaign.



This One is an Epic from the Greatest Champion of Real Madrid – Alfredo Di Stefano. These words are a true inspiration to all Madridistas and the fans are still carrying the words as a symbol to express their love for the club.



Sergio Ramos told these words when he signed for Real Madrid from Sevilla in 2005 as a 19-year-old talent. And now, he is the Captain of the club and an irreplaceable person in the dressing room. On and off the field, Ramos is the first man to defend his team, his team-mates, his club. He is a warrior for Real Madrid and has proven his own words by extending his contract with the club recently amid a very strong interest from English giants Manchester United.



The Evergreen words by the man who gave the name to the historic stadium of Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabeu. He was very right in every sense and the club is still maintaining the same status. The players are giving everything they can to the club and they are like warriors when they represent the Badge they wear.