Top 5 Less Known Facts About Asmir Begovic : New Signing of Chelsea

Chelsea has signed Stoke City’s goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic for an undisclosed fee. Although, the price has not disclosed yet, but it seems the fee is £8 million. Mourinho was in need of a goalkeeper to make the end line stronger and he got the perfect man for this job. Here some less known facts about Asmir Begovic, who is the latest signing of Chelsea.

Asmir Begovic – a footballer with dual nationality

Asmir Begovic – a footballer with dual nationalit

There are so many known players like Lukas Podolski, Diego Costa, Pepe etc. who changed their nationality and Asmir Begovic is one of them. He was a part of Canada Under 20 national team from 2004 to 2007. However, in 2009, FIFA removed the age restriction for changing nationality and playing for other country. That was when Asmir Begovic came to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although, he almost failed to proof himself as a preferred goalkeeper for Canada U20 national football team, yet, he played quite better after having a second nationality.

Asmir Begovic holds Guinness World Record

Asmir Begovic holds Guinness World Record

Image Credit: Stoke City FC

This former Stoke City’s goalkeeper scored the fastest and longest goal, which took only 15 second to be netted from the opening whistle. 2 years back, Stoke City’s one of the fastest goal helped them to make a lead within 15 seconds. At the same time, this is one of the longest goals, which was scored from 91.9meter. This particular goal helped him to enlist his name on the Guinness World Records.

Asmir Begovic will Wear No 1 Shirt

Asmir Begovic will Wear No 1 Shirt

Although, Chelsea’s No 1 shirt was lacking of the perfect man, yet, now it seems it has got it. Asmir Begovic will wear the No 1 shirt, which was (unofficially) registered for Petr Cech, who has moved to Arsenal after 11 years at Chelsea. According to the sources, Chelsea has given the No 1 shirt to Asmir following the assignment.

Asmir got more £ 4.75 million than Stoke City

Even after having a good statistics, Asmir signed the Stoke City deal in 2010 only for £3.25 million. However, after 5 years, he is getting £8 million for joining Chelsea. Although, the fee is not disclosed yet, but. It seems the deal has been done for that amount. If so, Asmir has proved that a player’s price can be increased over the time.

Asmir was willing to join Chelsea more than everyone

Even some Chelsea fans do not know that this former Stoke City’s goalkeeper was much willing to join this Premier League giant than everyone else. In fact, this news has been revealed by Asmir Begovic himself. He has said that,

I am very happy to be joining Chelsea. After speaking at length to the manager, I feel like I can develop here and be an important part of this team. I am looking forward to meeting up with the team on Wednesday for the pre-season tour.

Final word

Jose Mourinho is taking every step very carefully. After Petr Cech sell, they was in need of a great goalkeeper and perfect substitute to that man. Even after having Thibaut Courtois, they needed another goalkeeper and Asmir Begovic is probably the best solution.