A shocking news for some. For others it surely depressive. So read the news at your own risk as it may take you to remorse. The five players who were centre of attraction of the Premier League, will not be seen for the next season. Today we have prepared a list of those Top 5 Players Leaving Premier League this season.

Top 5 Players Leaving Premier League this season

#1 Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard Retires

The first name of the list is Steven Gerrard. This English midfielder has spent his almost entire career in Liverpool. But suddenly he has planned to leave not only Liverpool but any Premier League club and has decided to join Los Angeles Galaxy in July 2015. A name that was attached to Liverpool for an era is just going to end. Gerrad, a class player, a responsible captain, the mister dependable will not be there anymore.

Why will we wait now for the Liverpool matches? But at the same time the man himself has something to say:

“It is intense, especially for someone like myself, so I am looking forward to being able to breathe and play football under a little less pressure and going back to days when maybe before I was in the first team at Liverpool when you really enjoyed your football and there’s not that responsibility and pressure.”

We can understand the reasonable decision. But for many of us he was the Santa with gifts of goals. We will miss you Gerrard.

#2 Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has spent most of his career in two very prominent Premier League teams. Almost 13 years in Chelsea and was the leading goal scorer and last season in Manchester City. He is known as the ‘Chelsea’s greatest ever player’. Last year he made a grand decision to leave Chelsea for Manchester City and this year he is again taking a big leap by joining a team overseas. Yes he is joining New York City FC with a $6 million a year on a 1.5-year contract.

After all the controversies regarding his joining the New York City FC for 2015 MLS season and then his moving to Manchester City infuriated the New York City FC fans. But after all the hustles Lampard signed a pre-contract in January 2015 to New York City FC in Major League Soccer, beginning on 1 July, only leaving his Premier League fans with a heavy heart.

#3 Angel di Maria

Angel Di MariaAnother shocking name that is included in the list is Angel di Maria. This Argentine attacking midfielder had joined Manchester United in 2014 who is about to move to PSG. After his hamstring injury in November he was seen mostly seen as a substitute. Louis van Gaal, the Manchester United coach tried to use this attacking midfielder as a forward but that too didn’t work. With time it became clear that Louis van Gaal is losing faith on the one of the most expensive player and the fifth most expensive player of all time with a whooping £59.7 million a year contract. May be that is the reason the relation between the coach and the player is intense and di Maria is seeking relief.

#4 David de Gea

David de Gea

After being part of Manchester United for four years David de Gea is moving to Real Madrid. This world class goalkeeper is in news for quite some time now for his decision. Though it is not confirmed yet, but there is news of Manchester United has declared that they will not sell de Gea if they don’t get Sergio Ramos. That news itself clears the high possibility of David de Gea leaving Manchester United.  Too many talented players are leaving Manchester United for some or the other reason, and it is too bad for the Manchester United fans. And more to that Premier League will be seen ‘star-less’ if such players leave.

#5 Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel

Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Brad Friedel who has also played for Blackburn, Aston Villa is one of the most senior players of Premier League. Brad’s reason is nothing complex or controversial. He is 44 years old and had announced to take retirement from football after the 2015 season end. Luckily he will not be completely devoid of the game and we will soon see him as the new voice of soccer coverage on Fox Sports. We have all the best wishes for this ‘human wall’ for his new journey.

Wrap up:

So here is the list of the top 5 players leaving Premier League this season. The news is heart ranching but we have to be optimistic and keep our finger crossed as the transfer window will open soon and we may get some of the extraordinary deals. For more such news click Footballlens.