Top 6 Fastest Red Cards in Football History

A lot of things transpire throughout a football match. Players often break old records and make new records of fastest goal etc. Nonetheless, today we are about to highlight a number of fastest red cards, what players wouldn’t like to get. Irrespective of, whether it is goalkeeper or mid-fielder, but, nobody wants to get a red card. You already know the reason why they do not want to get that.

Fastest Red Cards in Football History

Everything has a record and now you are going to find out more about some fastest red cards in Barclays Premier League as well as other tournament including Word Cup.

Fastest Red Cards in Football History

Kevin Pressman

A match was going on at Molineux between Sheffield Wednesday and Wolves. It was 2000. The goalkeeper of Sheffield Wednesday, Kevin Pressman, was sent off just after 13 seconds of the beginning. Although, they played the game with 10 players against eleven players, yet, the match was finished at 1-1. This is the fastest red card in football history. As of now, nobody has broken this record of Kevin Pressman.

Keith Gillespie

On January 20 2007, a match was going on between Reading and Sheffield United. In that match, the winger of Sheffield United, Keith Gillespie, made a record of second fastest red card. He got a red card for a wrong tackle. In the second half, he was replaced to another player and unfortunately came back to the dressing room within 15 seconds.

Steven Gerrard

Although, it was much controversial yet the decision was a red card. In Manchester United vs Liverpool match on 22nd March 2015, Gerrard came to the field in second half and was sent off within 38 seconds. Again, it was a tackle and that was enough for getting a red card, according to referee. In that situation, he stamped Herrera even after the ball was away.

Matt McClure

In a recent match, on March 3 2015, Matt McClure of Wycombe Wanderers got a red card within 70 seconds of starting his playing. On the 67th minute, Matt McClure replaced Sam Saunders and on 68th minute, he was greeted with a red card for fighting. Although, the match was won by Wycombe Wanderers against Tranmere for 2-1, yet, the red card was much costly for them. They started getting a lot of attacks in the second half after started playing with ten players.

Tim Flowers

The goalkeeper of Blackburn Rovers got a red card within 72 seconds of staring the game. He made a foul by tackling Brian Deane of Leeds in 1995. Although, his team played the match with 10 players, yet, they managed to draw the match.

José Batista

José Batista holds a Guinness world record of getting fastest red card in world cup. If you know, who he is, its just fine. If you don’t know, let me tell more about this incident. In 1986, José Batista, the Uruguayan defender got a red card while playing against Scotland within just 56 seconds.

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