Top Five Fastest EPL Players of This Season

Some players go, unnoticed. Some gets overhyped. But if its football you just can’t ignore the word Speed! Today I’m going to take a short tour of the speediest players of EPL. Most of them do not represent any gigantic clubs but they are going to get there someday for sure!!

Top 5 Fastest EPL Players of This SeasonRoss Barkley

Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle United)

The Newcastle midfielder is crazy!! He is one of the fastest players of all time. The guy can move box to box within 4 seconds. He is not as big as name he should be, but he sure delivers what it takes to get the defenders some nightmares! His average speed this EPL, is 21.93mph!! Yeah, You read it right!Sissoko

Marcin Wasilewski (Leicester City)

34-year-old Polish defender spots the second position in the list. With a serious leg injury in 2009, when most of the players would have dropped their career, he just not came back almost a year later but right now he is the one of the fastest player of EPL. Sounds scripted? You better check it! With an average speed of 21.81mph he is trying hard to get his team out of relegation. He may not succeed but the glory cannot be taken away! He takes the no.2 spot at Top Five Fastest EPL Players this season.Marcin Wasilewski

Raheem Sterling (Liverpool)

Yeah no surprise there! This guy rolls it at 21.75mph. Raheem Sterling is too young to secure a place in fastest players of EPL. This 20 years old starlet footballer has grabbed the eyeballs for various reasons. from achieving 2014 Golden Boy Award to winning man of the match award in England vs Denmark friendly match at Wembley Stadium.Raheem Sterling

Ross Barkley (Everton)

This 21 years old English footballer has been praised by many for his style and physical strength and his techniques. But that is not it. He is one of the fastest footballers of EPL with a speed of 21.69mph.Ross Barkley

Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa)

He is the highest goal scorer of Aston Villa. Generally known as one of the Premier League’s fastest players, here spots the 5th position with his 21.62mph speed.The last player to score on Top five fastest EPL players.Gabriel Agbonlahor

Final words

Run and let them see what flying is like! Football needs speed for its primary beauty and these people serve it well. If you are disappointed not seeing Di Maria, Costa and Sanchez in the list, Let me tell you, they do not belong at this season’s Top Five Fastest EPL Footballers.