Top Five Football Coaches’ Autobiography


Do you feel that when any of us gets any success it is not about just us, it is always, always few hands that made us do that; exactly the way a mother teaches a baby to walk. Then when we talk football how can we overshadow under the success of a team or an individual player, its coach. The backbone of any team. So no more over pampering our star players or star teams. Today we will talk about those legends who made legends.

sir ferguson

sir ferguson


Sir Alex Ferguson

He has made what is Manchester United today. He trained the team for almost 26 long years. Sir Ferguson was appointed to the United team when the club had almost nothing. it is entirely his credit to drag the team from 21st position {second last} to top, by making daring decisions,  important changes and almost everything.

Trophies: 2 Champions Leagues; 2 Cup Winners Cups; 15 domestic titles (12 England, 3 Scotland); 14 domestic cups.

Name of the Autobiography: Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (30 October 2013)

Language: English

Bob Paisley

This English man served Liverpool for many years that gave the team the glorious days of constant wins. One of his tricks of win is as discussed later is his grip over his players’ strong and weak zone. He could make his team played smartly. The best period of Liverpool club history {1959-1990} is a gift from him.

Trophies: 3 European Cups; 1 Uefa Cup; 6 English titles; 3 domestic cups

Name of the Autobiography: Bob Paisley: A Lifetime in Football

Publisher: Arthur Barker (12 May 1983)

Language: English

Brian Clough

The coach, manager, and psychotherapist-he was an all rounder for team Liverpool for almost fifty years. He explains himself best in one of his interviews:

“The art of management is knowing your own players, and I’m not talking about whether someone has a better right foot than left. I’m talking about really knowing them, knowing what sort of person you’ve got on your hands.”

Trophies: 2 European Cups; 2 English titles; 4 league cups

Name of the Autobiography: Clough The Autobiography

Publisher: Corgi (1 November 1995)

Language: English

Jose Mourinho

A Portuguese proud ‘special one’ has faced many criticism regarding being nothing extraordinary and ‘an opportunist’ but he has singlehandedly transform the team Chelsea.

Trophies: 2 Champions Leagues; 1 Uefa Cup; 6 domestic titles

Name of the Autobiography: Mourinho on Football: The Beautiful Game and Me

Publisher: Headline (9 Oct. 2014)

Language: English

Matt Busby

Matt Busby is one of those coaches who have seen the worst in football. a brave heart who was part of the ‘Munich air disaster’ {the plane crash} where he life was saved being badly injured and his dream team Manchester United was collapsed with the tragic death of many players and officials. the story could have been ended here. But the story has another ending. he fought bravely with the loss and pain, rebuilt the team with great effort and gave back to the world the new reformed Manchester United that won the European Cup next year.

Trophies : 1 European Cup; 5 English titles; 2 FA Cups

Name of the Autobiography:  Matt Busby My Story: as told to David R. Jack

Publisher: Souvenir Press, 1958 (1958)

Language: English

Final words:

They love, they fight, they give strength and most importantly they ‘inspire’. Read these books written by them; they will make you fall for football a little more than before.