Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015

Copa America 2015 is about to wrap up for the season. But before the final let us take a look in some of the top goal scorers of this Copa America season. Here is the list of Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015 only for you. Check out now!!

Top Scorer Of Copa America 2015


Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015

4 Goals Scorers of Copa America 2015

#1 Eduardo Vargas (Chile)

He is the top goal scorer of the list and no other player is competing with him!!!!! Eduardo Vargas, the Chilean winger is currently part of team Nepoli. He has earned 40 caps for Chile, scoring 22 goals. And after being part of 2014 FIFA, he proved to be a surprise package in Copa America 2015 and grabbed the position of the top scorer.

2 goals against Peru

1 against Ecuador

1 against Mexico

3 Goals Scorers of Copa America 2015:

#2 Lucas Barrios (Paraguay)

Lucas Barrios is the Paraguayan striker who made a substitute appearance in the opening match and scored 2 goals against Argentina and helped Paraguay to draw the match.

2 against Argentina

1 against Uruguay

#3 Paolo Guerrero (Peru)

Paolo Guerrero the Peruvian striker did some wonder in the Copa America Chile 2015 tournament. He scored three goals against Bolivia and became the only player of Copa 15 with a hat-trick. He was the highest scorer of last Copa America 2015 and this year became the second highest scorer with a magnificent hat-trick. Way to go boy !!!!

3 against Bolivia

#4 Sergio Aguero (Argentina)

Sergio Agüero is one of the most talented strikers from Argentina, currently playing for Manchester City. One of the most consistent players of Copa America 2015 ranked in our list of Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015. No wonder Argentina is one of the finalists.

2 against Paraguay

1 against Uruguay

#5 Arturo Vidal (Chile)

Chilean midfielder and also part of team Juventus scored 3 goals in Copa America 2015. He is one of the most dependable players of Chilean squad and he is always there when the team needs him the most. How can we forget about his winning the penalty against Ecuador when his teammate Miller Bolaños missed it.

2 against Mexico

1 against Ecuador

2 Goals Scorers of Copa America 2015

#6 Ángel Di María (Argentina)

An attacking midfielder for Argentina and Manchester United. He proved to be the real ‘Angel’ for Argentina when he scored 2 goals against Paraguay and helped Sergio Agüero to score his. Now we have to wait a bit to see if he can spell magic in the final!!!!!

2 against Paraguay

#7 Gonzalo Higuaín (Argentina)

Gonzalo Higuaín is one of those Argentine strikers who has glorified his nation and teams throughout his career. Part of Real Madrid for a long span of his life is currently playing for Nepoli. He won gold in Olympic in 2008, represented Argentina in the last two World cups, and is part of Copa America for a long time. He scored 2 goals in Copa 2015 and took his team to the final. Best of luck for the final Gonzalo!!!!!!!!

1 against Paraguay

1 against Jamaica

#8 Charles Aránguiz (Chile)

Charles Aránguiz is the Chilean midfielder who has scored 2 goals against Bolivia. If you want to know more about this player this is for you:

According to official website of FIFA Charles Aránguiz is

“a crafty, tigerish midfielder of the highest order, notable for his ability to win and distribute the ball, pick out passes and hit the back of the net”

Now do I need to say anything more?

2 against Bolivia

#9 Raúl Jiménez (Mexico)

This Mexican striker played extremely well though Mexico took an early exit from Copa America 2015. Currently part of Atletico de Madrid, this handsome player scored 2 goals in Copa 15.

1 against Chile

1 against Ecuador

#10 Matías Vuoso (Mexico)

Matías Vuoso is the Mexican striker who is playing for club Atlas currently. He scored 2 goals against Chile though his effort proved to be fruitless as his team took an early exit in the group stage.

2 against Chile

#11 Miller Bolaños (Ecuador)

Striker for Ecuador Miller Bolaños played for the 2015 Copa América and it is not only his first Copa America tournament but also his first major international appearance. So we must have to say he did a real good job in his first international appearance by scoring 2 goals. If his team could survive till the final we could have seen some of his other achievements.

1 against Mexico

1 against Bolivia

#12 Enner Valencia (Ecuador)

Enner Valencia is a forward from Ecuador who appeared in his first ever Copa America in 2015. His second goal against Mexico helped Mexico to be eliminated from 2015 Copa Amarica. And he with 2 goals got a position in our list of Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015.

1 against Mexico

1 against Bolivia

#13 Marcelo Martins Moreno (Bolivia)

The last name in our list of Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015 is Marcelo Martins Moreno, the Bolivian striker. He is the highest scorer of Bolivia with 2 goals and his decisive goal against Ecuador helped his team defeating the opponent and he was the only one who scored against 3 goals of Peru but got out of the semi final.

1 against Ecuador

1 against Peru

Wrap up:

These are undoubtedly the ‘Top Goal Scorers of Copa America 2015’ till now. But we are expecting some extraordinary goals in the final match!!!!!