Top Tweets Of Deluded Brendan: Compilation of Deluded Brendan’s Best Moments Parody Account of Twitter

“Deluded Brendan’ is one of the most funniest and sarcastic twitter account at this moment. The name is enough to describe the subject of this twitter account, it’s all about unlimited supply of character, delusion or we can say it’s all about Brendan Rogers, the ex-Liverpool manager. This parody account due to its sense of humor, sarcasm and funniness are one of the popular among the football fans. Here we are presenting the Top Tweets of Deluded Brendan.

Best Tweets of Deluded Brandan :  Top Tweets, Compilation of Deluded Brendan’s Best Moments

Top Tweets Of Deluded Brendan Twitter Parody Best Moment Compilation

#Where It all Started

After the defeat against Hull City (1-0) in the English Premier League, it all started. Here is the first tweet,

It also suggest the remedy later

So defense, midfield and striker, maybe forgot to mention about goalkeeper.

#Title Winning Form of 2014/15

And this is damn true, invincible season.

#Brendan’s Calculation

Before the Last 3 game of 2014-15 Season  

How to estimate the transfer fee of Raheem Sterling?

#Winning Trophies

Chelsea winning the league reminds me of when I won Championship playoffs with Swansea. A similarly great achievement — Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) May 3, 2015

On progress last season


#On Liverpool Legend


#Signings of Players

This is the best part of this twitter account, tweets regarding to transfer target and player signing are sabbatical, brilliant and hilarious. Follow best of them here

After signing James Milner from Manchester City

After signing Danny Ings

Tweet after signing Firmino and it’s cheeky.

Now Charterer redefined    

#Tweets on David De Gea Transfer Saga


#Tweets on Different players and Clubs

Hilarious tweet from the twitter page include clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, United and many more. Players like Lewandoski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Maria and Deepay.


#Progress on 2015-16 Season


#Good Bye Moment From Deluded Brendan

It’s last few tweets from the account.

Brendan Rodgers left Liverpool, here we are looking back to the one of the best and funniest twitter account related to football.
Here is all the top tweets and best moments from Deluded Brendan’s twitter page. Post your view in comment section.