Top Unknown Facts About Mateo Kovacic : New Signing of Real Madrid

Mateo Kovačić is the newest signing of Real Madrid. He has the caliber to be the nest superstar of the world football but as youngster there are a lot of unknown facts about him are there. Here are some unknown facts about new signing of Real Madrid Mateo Kovacic.

Top Unknown Facts About Mateo Kovacic : New Signing of Real Madrid

Top Unknown Facts About Mateo Kovacic : New Signing of Real Madrid

Croatian Nationality But Born In Austria

Despite of the fact that he is a Croatian but he was born on 6 May 1994 in Linz, Austria to Bosnian Croat family. His family moved from war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He Was on the Radar Screen of Some European Giants

He started to play at a local football club named LASK Linz. By the age of 13 he was already spotted and had gone under the radar of various major European clubs. The list has the names like Ajax, Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich.

Yet He Moved to Dianamo Zagreb

Although he had interests from big clubs from all over the Europe yet he moved to Dianamo Zargeb as his family opted behind the move.

Youngest Goal Scorer in the Croatian Professional League

He made his debut for the Dianamo Zargeb on an away match against Hrvatski Dragovoljac. Zargeb won the match 6-0 and Matteo scored his first professional goal for the club and became the youngest goal-scorer in the history of the league. Then he was only 16 years and 198 days old. He also became the youngest captain of the Dianamo Zageb history.

Overcame a Career-Threatening Injury

On the 2012-13 season at just the age of 18 years Mateo Kovačić suffered a metatarsal bone injury which was pretty much severe but he recovered and rejoined the squad.
Due to this injury his debut for the national team was delayed and he made his debut almost a year later.

Famous Quotes About Mateo:

Veteran Italian coach Giovanni Trapattoni said about him,

“A mixture of Kaká and Clarence Seedorf”,

As he resembles the playing styles of both the superstar of the world football.
Javier Zanetti, longstanding captain of Inter Milan, expressed that Mateo Kovačić is the most promising young player he has seen in his 19 years career in the club except Ronaldo who was 21 when he had arrived to the club.

Mateo Kovačić’s Career Stats:

Dinamo Zagreb

Season              Apps      Goals

2010-11               9             1

2011-12              44            7

2012-13              20            1

Total                  170           9

Inter Milan

Season              Apps       Goals

2012-13            18            0

2013-14            35            0

2014-15            44            8

Total                 97            8

Career Total:   267          17

Croatia National Team

Year                   Apps       Goals

2013                     7            0

2014                   12            0

2015                     2            1

Total                   21            1

Wrap up:

Mateo Kovačić is a technically sound player having awesome dribbling skill who showed a very mature gameplay while he was still at a very young age. He can be an asset of any club in any of the top leagues of the Europe. So it seems like a great signing for Real Madrid.