United’s Midfielder Duo will be out if Mourinho Takes Charge

A not-so-shocking news have come out from a report that Jose Mourinho will sell the United’s midfielder due aka Mata and Fellaini if he takes charge in coming June. There is a strong report that Jose Mourinho has already completed his signing on Manchester United’s deal to become the manager for next season. Although, there is no such official news but there are thousands of rumours flying around the Old Trafford.

According to a report, Jose Mourinho will take charge in June and he will sell the Spanish winger Mata and the Belgian midfielder Fellaini right after become the manager. Again, one thing you know that this is just a rumour as Mourinho has not taken the charge of Manchester United.

Jose Mounrinho and Juan Mata

However, there are valid reasons behind these pair of sell. Both of them are playing for Red Devils for a long time now but they failed to proof themselves as a starting lineup player. Their performance is not up to the mark. The Spanish winger was once sold out by Jose Mourinho back in 2014 when he was in Chelsea. Although, he was in the PFA Team of the Year 2013, but still he was sold out by Mourinho in 2014.

On the other hand, Fellaini, who came from Everton, has been not so good since 2013, who got one more year than Mata. In this current season, Fellaini has scored only 6 goals, which is certainly down to the mark. At the same time, Mata has scored only 7 goals since July 2015.



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Considering the stats, anybody wants to sell these players to keep a good atmosphere in the club.

However, there are some news that Mourinho will keep some players like Martial, Rooney etc. Although, they are not playing anything near to awesome but they are at least better than Mata and Fellaini, according to the reports.

Nevertheless, all those things will happen once Jose Mourinho will become the manager. Although, Mourinho has told that this is a done deal, but there is no such official announcement. On the other hand, Sir Alex Ferguson has told that Mauricio Pochettino is the best Premier League manager. He has chosen this Spurs’ manager instead of Mourinho or anybody else.