US Senators Urge FIFA To Move 2018 World Cup Out of Russia

US Senators urged FIFA to move 2018 World Cup from out of Russia. Report is coming for Washington, D.C. that thirteen U.S. senators asked FIFA to pull 2018 World Cup out of Russia. As for the reason they complain about the situation of the country and their “ongoing violations of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with FIFA president Sepp Blatter

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with FIFA president Sepp Blatter

In an open letter, which was make public in Wednesday, lawmakers including Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson, Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin and Arizona Republican John McCain told FIFA President Sepp Blatter that letting Russia host the World Cup would be :

“Inappropriately bolsters the prestige” of President Vladimir Putin’s “regime at a time it when it should be condemned.”

They asked FIFA to hold an extraordinary congress to vote on whether to move the 2018 tournament to another site. According to the letter, more than 40 countries, including nearly half of the field from the 2014 World Cup, have placed sanctions on Russia. Keeping the World Cup there in three years “provides economic relief,” the letter also added:

“As you know, nearly a full year has passed since unmarked Russian troops and Russian-backed separatists began their dismemberment of Ukraine.”

They explained they wrote “with the goal of ending the crisis in Ukraine and ensuring a successful 2018 World Cup.”

FIFA spokeswoman Delia Fischer wrote Wednesday in an email to The Associated Press and rejected the notion that it makes sense to strip Russia of the World Cup. She said:

“History has shown so far that boycotting sport events or a policy of isolation or confrontation are not the most effective ways to solve problems. Hosting the World Cup can be a powerful catalyst for constructive dialogue between people and governments, helping to bring positive social developments.”

Fischer also wrote that FIFA believes:

“It can achieve positive change in the world, but football cannot be seen as a solution for all issues, particularly those related to world politics. We have seen that the FIFA World Cup can be a force for good and FIFA believes this will be the case for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.”

Wrap Up

Sports and politics should never be mixed with each other. What USA senators are asking is outrageous. It’s football, the beautiful game, not cold war. They may have influence beyond any possible imagination, but FIFA needs to be strong and strict here. They shouldn’t let politics get in the way of Football. FIFA needs to send a strong message to USA about the issue. This is a shameful act from USA.