Vincent Kompany: United Keen to WIN Derby Again

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany is seeing Manchester United is keen desired to win the Manchester United vs. Manchester City derby, today.Kompany quoting on United

Manchester United vs. Manchester City

The City defender Kompany, 29, believes that after last five head to head defeats United this time will again be desperate to have the score their way.

The Belgian quoted

“For a long time I felt we wanted it more, but I think they’ve been hurt pretty badly and they’ll want it just as much now.”

The Manchester City captain Komapny described it with

“They have their games against Liverpool, which are very important to them. For us, this is the most important game. In previous years I think we wanted it more but things change.”

At this point Manchester City is placed at no. 4 spot, with one point less than their city rivals. The recent form of United is up high, while, city on the other hand is facing some bumps at their run.

Earlier when the two teams met at first leg the point difference was 10 in favour of Manchester City, but today before taking on each other at Old Trafford, United is the one to start on top.

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On United’s recent spending of £150m Kompany has been reported saying

“I thought we were the big spenders in Manchester but that’s changed over the years. They have good players, a good manager and a club with history. It was never going to be too long before they got back in there.”

Last time United won the EPL title was under the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and the league has changed its colour a lot since then. Komapny also added

“The league’s got a lot tougher since they won it last. It’s only going to get more tough. I don’t think there’ll be any team dominating any more. It’ll be difficult.”

Critics have said the recent defeat of Manchester City against Crystal Palace may be due to the fatigue the team has been carrying with. The average age of the first eleven was 29 years and 6 months.

The captain though has not given any concern to that idea. Vincent on this recent patch said

“The world champions in 2006 [Italy] were the oldest team in the tournament. There always needs to be a story to explain something and in this case it’s the obvious thing to point out. Next year, we’ll be doing well and people will be saying it’s because we have a lot of experience. It’s completely irrelevant.”

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The Chilean coach of Manchester City also thinks this is just but a rough patch and things will turn good very soon. Manuel Pellegrini today was caught quoting

“You know when a squad is behind you; you know when you work well or work badly. If you ask me why I’m not afraid – in my career I have never been a coward and I am not afraid.”