Watch Mexico vs Ecuador Live Streaming Copa America 2015

After a thrilling 3-3 draw against Chile, Mexico is going to face Ecuador, which is currently lagging behind other teams in group stage of Copa America 2015. Let’s check out the match news, online info and watch Mexico vs Ecuador live streaming.

Watch Mexico vs Ecuador Live Streaming Copa America 2015

Before getting all links to watch Mexico vs Ecuador live streaming, let’s check out the match preview, current position and match facts of Mexico vs Ecuador in Copa America 2015.

Watch Mexico vs Ecuador Live Streaming Copa America 2015

Current Position of Mexico in Copa America 2015

This match can be another surprise for Mexico fans since they must have to win it to keep the ray of getting qualified for knockout stage. Currently, they are having only 2 points and the final fixture is left only. They epic 3-3 draw against Chile has affected on their confidence, which may damage their gameplay in this upcoming fixture against Ecuador.

Mexico seemed to have an improvements before Copa America 2015. Nevertheless, supporters are not so happy with their performance. Specially, the 0-0 draw against Bolivia made loads of arguments. Anyway, at the end of the day, they are on the verge of their group (Group A). The chance of getting qualified for knockout stage is near to zero.

Current Position of Ecuador in Copa America 2015

On the other hand, Ecuador’s performance is not up to the mark and the outcome is having zero point after playing 2 matches. This team lost both of the previous matches and they are out of this tournament. Valencia was looking much more confident against Bolivia, which they lost with 2-3 lead. However, his presence and credibility was not enough to beat opponent. His performance was better than other teams and this would be right if we say he was the only man, who actually played the game.

Possible Starting Lineup of Mexico vs Ecuador Match Copa America 2015

Both teams have no such major injury news, as of now. Hence, we think the starting lineup will remain same.

Expected Eleven of Mexico against Ecuador

Jose Corona, Flores, Ayala, Valenzuela, Dominguez, Aldrete, Medina, Guemez, Jesus Corona, Jimenez, Vuoso.

Expected Eleven of Ecuador against Mexico

Dominguez, Paredes, Achilier, Erazo, Ayovi, Pedro Quinonez, Noboa, Martinez, Montero, Valencia, Bolanos.

Mexico vs Ecuador (Group A)

Date & Time: 19 June 2015 at 18:00 (UTC-3)

Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander, Valparaíso

Watch Mexico vs Ecuador Live Streaming Copa America 2015

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Wrap Up

When Mexico is standing on the verge, Ecuador has already said goodbye to Copa America Chile 2015. Therefore, Mexico will try to do their best to take on Ecuador. Don’t miss such a match of Copa America. Check out these links and watch Mexico vs Ecuador live streaming for free.