We will never sign a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jordi Mestre

FC Barcelona vice-president Jordi Mestre has criticised Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo for the player’s comments about his teammates saying Barcelona will never sign a player of Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude as they analyse the players’ characters when signing a player.

Real Madrid lost to Atletico in the La Liga which killed even the slim chances that Real Madrid had in the Spanish first division. Club’s star forward Cristiano Ronaldo showed his anger of losing the game on his teammates as he claimed none of his teammates were on the same level with him which caused the defeat. Later he clarified his statement saying he only meant the players’ ‘physical’ level and did not mean their performances.

Real Madrid Players celebrating

Real Madrid missed Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Marcelo and Pepe due to injuries and the Ronaldo was right that the injuries were also a reason for the team’s bad run of form. Club Captain Sergio Ramos defended his teammate after critics were started to bash Ronaldo. The Spaniard claimed he knew Ronaldo more than anyone else and said Ronaldo never meant anything offensive towards his teammates.As usual, Barcelona players and the Chiefs ar

As usual, Barcelona players and the Chiefs have taken a swipe at their arch rivals and their most valued player. Barcelona’s vice-president Jordi Mestre felt the Portugal international is disrespecting towards his teammates and further told that the Catalan giants will not sign players of such attitude.

“Our team’s players would never say what Cristiano said. The club monitors a lot of things before signing players.”
“Honestly, I could not imagine one of our players saying what Cristiano said,” told Mestre.
Real Madrid did not say a word about this on-going issue as they look like more interested in solving the puzzles at Real Madrid than involving in players’ misinterpreted comments. Club manager Zinedine Zidane ruled out any chances of Real Madrid winning the Spanish Championship this year, but insisted that the team’s problem is ‘mental’ and not ‘physical’. The French man do have a hidden message to the Portuguese.