What English Teams Lack to Shine in UCL?

All the English clubs have been destroyed in UEFA Champions League. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool have been defeated by other clubs. Manchester City is England’s last hope so far. Come Thursday they are about to take the hit against Spanish giant FC. Barcelona at Nou Camp, having a backlog of 1-2 defeat at their home ground!

Well this occurs to me, what recently going on with the English Football Clubs! Yes, this isn’t the first time the English clubs are drowning down the UCL championship, but with money flooding all the English giants and legends managing their squad; it appears to be a preliminary question to come into mind! Let us have some talk on each and every English giants who we expect to flourish in the Stages of UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United:

Manchester United team

The team couldn’t qualify for UEFA Champions League. They had a rough season last year and finish below fourth position. Rivals calling him a mid-table team could not break Manchester United’s spirit. As the team is surely going through some changes, and no doubt investing on future! Players like Herrera and Blind and Janujaz have enough flares to be future stars. They also sheltered themselves under the safe hands of Louis van Gaal! We can hope they would keep-on growing.


Team Chelsea FC

The team is spending enough all over but, actually is not getting much of desired success! Last year’s League runner’s are well prepared this year and had ‘The Special One’ to manage the squad but, in an encounter against Paris-Saint-German the team fall out against the away goal rule! Chelsea couldn’t capitalize on their one man advantage as Ibrahimovich was sent out of the field very early in the game! Now this has been a prolonged tradition for Chelsea, to lose the momentum at climax stage. The team struggled to remain their early season form, and lacked the scoring habit of Silva or the mid-field domination either! Extra dependence on old chap Terry is also causing their defence severe damage at dog days.


Arsenal the team

Well the team with their limited funds will never will a championship at European level. When all other giants are bagging all the masterpieces you cannot just build one star each season and sell him the next year to compete with them! This year Alexis Sanchez did a lot of beauty on the field but as expected teams like Monaco overpowered them with the same goal aggregate story. This team has to wait till some millionaire takes over and be willing to spend for some quality.

Manchester City FC:

The team has recently followed the Chelsea model and have snatched the domestic league quite few times now. They have enough source and talent hanging around but to build a Champions League winning squad they have to opt for some quality in the making and some brilliant manager to guide them so that they can match up to giants like Bayern, Real or Barca!

Liverpool FC:

Liverpool FC

One Gerrard can’t get you your golden days back! After a prolonged time of utter disappointment the Liverpool is again tuning the squad right but lacking some key-players at every position. Steven has contributed all his life to the club, but it’s time to gather around the resources and invest for the future immediately! Chelsea or City formula surely won’t work with United or Liverpool.

Bottom-Line – they have the tradition the glorious past, huge tradition and various contribution to the world football, but to prove themselves as Europe Champions the English Clubs need to set their own tradition of rebuilding team and some utmost footballing brains to combat styles like Tiki-Taka or possetional football of Bayern or Madrid.