What Manchester United Needs to Finish within the Top Two of English Premier League this Season?

Manchester United is right now placed third in the EPL points table, only one point short to the table toppers, but having made good amount of investments earlier to fetch in talents, it is expected from the Red Devils to finish with the league in hand, if not atleast in the second position. Let us have a little talk on, what Manchester United needs to finish in the top two of EPL this season.

What Manchester United needs to finish in the top two of EPL this seasonWhat Manchester United needs 2

Well, to start the discussion, we first need to sort out how other teams are doing and who all looking to bring in threat for the slot. Yes, we do have the regulars like Manchester City and Arsenal in the list, but Chelsea has gone down quiet some place to recover. Now, Leicester City is at the no. one position right now, and Spurs and Everton are remaining close. After Klopps arrival Liverpool is also looking quiet fierce and coming up real fast. The most interesting fact this year is, even after thirteen matches, there is only nine very much recoverable points difference in the first eleven teams. So, it is taken that the competition can turn out to be harder this year as we proceed to the later part of the league.

Manchester United till date; have shown a similar kind of playing procedure and mentality on the pitch. LVG is sticking up to his philosophy gun, while supporters have claimed the games to be boring and frustrating. However, Louis Van Gaal’s formula is quiet simple. With a 4-2-3-1 formation laid, he wants the players to hold the ball for the majority period of the game, outperforming the opponents with quality move from a sudden rise and neutralizing the opponent with sheer command over the ball. He is also building a team where at least seven to eight players can play in different positions from their respective one. Thus he never falls short of players in any position and uses the player’s talent in devotion of various tasks in field. Now, we still find some loopholes down the procedure and are going to find what solution United can opt for.

Rooney needs to play the no.10 role permanently

The player has been suffering from not scoring regularly since long. Yes, Wazza is doing pretty good for his national team, but he is still struggling to dazzle the league opponents on a regular basis. Well, LVG’s solution to this matter has been easy and creative. Young Frenchman Martial has been doing the job quiet good. Lingard, Deapy and in case Fellaini also have completed the need; making Rooney play for a more comfortable no.10 role to play.

Now, here the only solution is to understand that the poacher Rooney is not there to cash in anymore. The best United can milk out of whatever the most salaried player of the EPL is containing is to offer him a no.10 role that is a supporting striker who can move out of the box to be a shadow striker or a play maker. This will not only provide Martial to settle in as a permanent forward but also, he will be blessed with Rooney’s vision and build up games, or long ranger rebounders.

Darmian, Rojo, Shaw are the best choices for the full-back positions

Yes, United have conceded the least amount of goals till date and also, the team is suffering from injury a lot, especially in case of the full-backs; but in no way, Valencia, Young or Jones can be trusted in these positions. The team has recovered very well in case of the central backs, due to some spectacular defending by Smalling and Blind down at defence but, with these full-backs it’s going to be harder than ever to wall the opponent in front of the penetrative zone. Blind has adopted his new found central back position too good and must not be brought back to any other position. The same way Rojo needs to play as a sideback not a stopper with his pace, crossing quality and less technical sense. Darmian, Rojo, Shaw are the best choices for these roles and should be given more and more opportunities to get along with the team from a corner where they can deliver the most.What Manchester United needs 3

Buy a goalkeeper in winter transfer window

Manchester United needs a decent goalkeeper to cover the bench and emerge under the shadows of De Gea. With Champions League to cover this season, United may feel the need of a substitute goalkeeper at any point but at any stage Sergio Romero is just not the option. Manchester United does not have a solid back line established and with Romero covering the goal can harm in the confidence build-up.

Utilize the dead ball situations

Manchester United has been among the most unsuccessful teams in case of taking advantage of corners and free-kicks. Let’s not forget Depay has proved himself to be one of the best free-kick takers in Eredivisie already. He must be given more chances to take free-kicks.

In some big matches or Derby matches, these things turn out to be more than just important. With Mata and Depay to place, players like Fellaini, Smalling and Schneiderlin to head and Rooney and Schweinsteiger to launch the long rangers United should turn out to be lethal in dead balls but too much short corners may cost the red-devils later.

At the same time, Young-Fellaini cross and head combination, Martial and Depay’s cut in moves and Lingard or Perreira’s sudden strike must be kept at the ready to take advantage of crunch situations in big matches.

Final Word:

In short, Manchester United do have a well balanced side this season and must finish in the top four, but to take the standard to the nest level, these simple amendments are needed to be made. LVG is keeping a solid replacement back up to strengthen the bench with versatile players gathered in, which will prove to be fruitful later in such a competitive league but with these changes Manchester United would look even more threatening. However, feel free to share your own view and let us know, what changes you would opt for to see United in top two.