English Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the world. If you are a football maniac or are always up to date with the latest EPL news, you may know that winter transfer window 2016 is about to start within next few hours. Although, this has not been a routine but sometime, English football clubs spend a lot in this winter transfer window. In last two seasons, Premier League clubs have spent around £130m on average. Although, any deal is not confirmed yet by any EPL club, but, some transfer news are flying around since a long time now. We have consolidated all the news under one roof.

Winter Transfer Window 2016 – English Premier League

If you are willing to know about winter transfer window 2016 or more specifically, Manchester United transfer news or Arsenal transfer news or Chelsea transfer news, here you go.

Starting and Ending Date

Today, it is 30th December 2015. The winter transfer window 2016 of English Premier League will be started from 2nd January 2016. It will be one-month long. That means, it will end on 1st February 2016.

For your information, other countries and leagues have different starting date. For instance, winter transfer window in Spain will be started from 4th January 2016. The same will begin from 18th January 2016 in Poland and so on.

Premier League January Transfer Window Spending

Premier League clubs generally spend the most in winter transfer window as compared with other leagues. In 2011, Premier League clubs spent the most money (£235m) comparing with other seasons. In the last three seasons, these clubs have spent around £130m. As they have spent almost £1b in the summer transfer window and made a record in Europe, there are obviously some possibilities that they will try to spend again in winter transfer window 2016.

Premier League January Transfer Window Spending

Top Clubs (From Spending View)

Spendings of top 5 clubs in EPL winter transfer window

Possible Transfer News of Premier League Clubs

Obviously, all the clubs will try to finish this season being a tough contender for the next season. We have been seeing this over the year. But, players get less time to show their talent as the season generally finishes within 5-6 months after the winter transfer window. In this season, we have seen surprising football as the Premier League 2014/15 title holder, Chelsea, is currently standing on 14th position, which was not expected. On the other hand, the top 2/3/4 club, Arsenal, is standing on the first position. The most important thing, Liverpool is gaining their position after the sacking of Brendan Rodgers. Klopp has not got any chance to rebuild his team – Gunners are playing better though under new manager. On the other hand, this transfer window will help the new interim manager of Chelsea, Guus Hiddink as well.

In other words, you should definitely be updated with all the latest news of winter transfer window 2016.

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