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This is great that you want to write post(s) for Football Lens. Football Lens is a growing football/soccer blog, which publishes latest football news, match analysis and everything related to football. Apart from having a great presence on search engine, we have been building a strong social fan base to grow rapidly. As of now, we have successfully crossed the ground level.

Anyway, if really wish to write posts for Football Lens, here are some guidelines, what you must have to follow in order to get your post published at Football Lens.

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Random Checkpoints

  • This is a football/soccer blog and we do not cover anything that is not related to this game.
  • We do not publish any post from any anonymous. You must have an authentic identity.
  • We do not give the permission to anybody (except FL members) to publish posts on Football Lens. That means, if you want to get your post published, you need to contact with the editorial team.
  • We do not provide account to submit your post. Again, you have to drop an email at contact at footballlens dot com.
  • We do not give any link to any other third party website for a single guest post. You have to be regular (at least, on weekly basis) on Football Lens to get so. *
  • Generally, we do not give Dofollow (rel=dofollow) backlink. But, it always depends on your website/blog quality. **

What Will You Get From Football Lens?

Football Lens is a growing football community, where thousands of football maniacs come and share their views. But, here are few couple of things, what you will get by publishing posts on Football Lens.

  • Meet more football maniacs like you.
  • Your post along with your name will be shared on our social media profiles. In simple line, you will get more exposure.
  • Your posts will be on the homepage for at least 2 days (based on the performance).
  • You will get a backlink to your website/blog that will eventually help you. ***

Writing Guidelines

If all the above things are ok, you can proceed now. If you are writing a post or going to start writing a post for Football Lens, do follow the following guideline.

Article Writing/ Topic Guideline

  • Article must be related to football/soccer.
  • We do not accept transfer news or rumours. It will be better, if you can write on something creative topic.
  • Article must be at least 600 words. There is no maximum word limit.
  • Article should be complete.
  • If your article is getting long, you can split it into multiple posts or a series. (We love it)
  • Article should be grammatical and spelling error free. If we find, we can cancel your post at any time before publishing.
  • Article should be informative. It should not be a promotional post of a particular product/website/app or anything like that. Readers do not want to be sold. They want information.

SEO Guideline

You do not have to take care of SEO if you can’t. But, you should write your article from a single angle or from a single point of view. We love articles those are mainly written for readers rather than search engine bots.

Media Guidelines

Try to find minimum one image related to your post. If you are not getting any, no problem. Just don’t copy any media file including image, video (You can use YouTube, Vimeo etc.) etc. from any other website. If an image is relevant, you can use it and write down the original source.

If you have an image, make sure that it is 740×400 pixel. We do not use any other size.

Best of Luck!

Important Note

We have the full permission to edit, make any change in your submitted post or totally disapprove your article.

* ** *** For guest bloggers, we do not give any link if he/she doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria. But, this may change for sponsored posts. However, we not link back to any porn or illegal website at any cost. Your website will be checked manually before getting live. Nevertheless, you can add your link inside the post or at the bottom of your post.