Yaya Touré: Manchester City is Replacing the Irreplaceable

Yaya Touré, the Ivory Coast man, ex-Barcelona player is a leading figure in Manchester City side. He joined the club in July 2010 under Mancini. In that season he scored the decider against Stoke City in final of FA cup in the Wembley ending 35 years drought of winning a major title and thus becoming a darling for the City fans.

Manchester City is Replacing the Irreplaceable

Yaya Toure

He started the 2011-12 season with bright note, playing a crucial role Man City’s midfield. Eventually he also made his team win the EPL trophy at the end of the season. The 2012-13 season begun with a goal against Chelsea over a 3-2 win in FA Community Shield. In spite of all his effort, City suffers an early exit in UCL. In the end of the year Touré signed a new contract with the Blues until 2017.

Next season, the same story continued, Touré was dictating the City’s midfield with Silva. This time though he was not only helping the team from the core, he also scored for the team when it was required. In 2013-14 season he scored 20goals in EPL with 6 assists, becoming the second midfielder after Lampard to score 20 goals in single season of EPL. He had been outstanding overall & won the league title again.

He got the African Footballer of the Year in 2011 for the first time, which is a fabulous achievement for a midfielder, as the previous 12 awards of AFOY have gone to African forwards. Since then he has been claiming the reward for the fourth time on row.

But the year ended up with some controversy in twitter about a post of his agent Dimitri Seluk, which said Touré is unhappy & upset, could leave Manchester City blaming the “birthday saga” as the reason.

In 2014-15 season, we notice a turnaround over Touré’s performance. He had not been up to the mark, failed to live up to the heights of last season. Injury was one of sole reason for that. As the rumors suggest, he will most probably leave Manchester City this season, closing on a reunion with Ex-blue coach Mancini in Inter.

Yaya Touré leadership quality, strength, passes & dribbling always played a crucial role for Blues success, now if they try to get rid of the 32year old Ivory Coast man, can they find a replacement?? Here are some possible replacements according to Football Lens.

Players who can replace Yaya Touré


Age: 23

Nationality: Spain

Club: Atlético Madrid

Appearances in 2014-15: 43

Goals: 4; Assists: 14Players to replace toure

He is only 23, already earned 17 caps for national side. He is strong, creative & great in taking set-pieces. He has been an instrumental figure in Atlético Madrid’s midfield, versatile and is believed to have a great future ahead. He has release clause around £48m, he surely can be the new Touré for blues.

Paul Pogba

Age: 22

Nationality: France

Club: Juventus

Appearances in 2014-15: 36

Goals: 10; Assists: 6Players to replace toure

Pogba is one of the best young talent in the Europe. He has been outstanding with Juventus in back to back two seasons, already played 23 matches for his national side & scored 5 goals. He is the perfect replacement for Yaya. Man City is already involved with Pogba’s transfer. But the main problem is club like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea are also targeting him. So it will be up to Juventus and Pogba’s decision, if they agree, City needs to pay a large amount of transfer fees to get him.

Kevin De Bruyne

Age: 23

Nationality: Belgium

Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Appearances in 2014-15: 45

Goals: 15; Assists: 25

Kevin De Bruyne

One of the most talked young midfielder, scored 15 goals & provided 16 assists with Wolfsburg in 2014/15 season. He has highest number assists in all over European domestic competition. He was fantastic for Belgium in WC, already played 30 matches for his national side & netted 7goals. He might have a disappointing season with Chelsea but he is now doing fantastic in Bundesliga. He indeed is a versatile player with great with crossing, passing, long shot & taking set pieces. He has release clause around £32m. One of the ideal fit for Touré.

Ross Barkley

Age: 21

Nationality: England

Club: Everton F.C.

Appearances in 2014-15: 34

Goals: 2; Assists: 3Players to replace toure

This 21 year aged Everton player has been fantastic in last season. He may not reached the same level this season as he was last season, but he has great potential, creative & a good prospect for future. He is very good with dribbling, passing, crossing & has good speed with the ball. He can be a good replacement & Man city can get him with a reasonable amount of money. Blues should get him first then think about others.

Others Possibilities

Players like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Sergio Busquets, Arturo Vidal, Blaise Matuidi are some great choice to replace Touré. They are experienced, great operator & one of the best in the world. Vidal is already in Arsenal’s radar.  Bastian has involved in transfer rumor, but the possibility is very less that he is leaving Bayern. And the other two are not involved in any transfer rumors, so it’s kind of impossible to get them. Morgan Schneiderlin is also a great option, but he is all set to join their city rival Manchester United.

Wrap Up

Yaya Touré has been a great charchter in and out off the field for Manchester City for a long time. The task will not be easy to replace him with another player.  It will be interesting to see what Man city will do, are they going for replacement or they are going to end up with Touré for another season despite all the rumors.