Zico Offers Adriano To Resurrect His Career With FC Goa In ISL

Former Brazilian and Inter Milan striker Adriano has been offered final chance to comeback and resurrect his career with FC Goa in the Indian Super League (ISL).

Adriano sets to join FC Goa

Adriano sets to join FC Goa

The coach of FC Goa Zico wants him in the team, he said in his Facebook profile:

“I met Adriano at the Centre of Football and I was happy to see that he is well. I invited (him) to play for FC Goa with me this season.”

Adriano also posted in his facebook page that he is pleased to see and spending the afternoon his idol Arthur Antunes Coimbra, which is real name of Zico.

In the first season of ISL, FC Goa was 2nd in the league table but beaten by Atlético De Kolkata in the semis in penalty shootout. The management is already started to scout players for next season. Zico is personally selecting international players for FC Goa this season.

News is coming from FC Goa camp that they are already convinced former Brazil captain Lucio to be his marquee player in the second edition of ISL. Now they want Adriano in his team, who is currently a free agent.

Zico Offers Adriano To Join FC Goa

Ardiano started his career with Flamengo, then he moved to Inter Milan. He also has been part of Roma, Parma, Corinthians, São Paulo and Atlético Paranaense. He scored 169 goals in 372 matches in his club career and for Brazil scored 27goals in 48 appearances.

As player he is natural gifted, versatile, powerful left footed player. He is fantastic ball control, dribbling and creativity but he has been inconsistent throughout his career. Apart from inconsistency his character, lifestyle, fitness is always brought into question.

Last November, he was charged over his alleged connection to a drug trafficker in Brazil. Prosecutors claimed that Adriano bought a motorbike and gave it to a drug dealer in the shantytown. If convicted, Adriano could have faced a lengthy prison sentence. But those charges was rejected due to lack of evidence.

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FC Goa aware of this, still they want him in the team. The media representative of FC Goa said that:

“Adriano, the world knows, is a fantastic footballer but his partying and casual attitude to training has cut short his career. Zico knows he has the quality of a world-class footballer but he will have to pass a fitness test in Brazil before getting the final go-ahead.”

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